Year Abroad Diaries: Packing

Going on your Year abroad, but don't know what to pack? Worry no more!

Lenka Minarovicova
18th February 2022
Image credit: wikimedia
Packing for the whole year ahead is something that students going on their Year abroad as well as international students like myself have to think through really well if they don’t want to spend a fortune on luggage. There are various things to keep in mind, such as the weather or the frequency of your home visits. Here are a few tips I have found useful in my experience:

Capsule wardrobe is your best friend!

While minimalism has been getting popular recently, not all of us are able to follow this lifestyle – I’m certainly not. However, packing minimally will save you a lot of money and energy when arriving in your new home for the first time. It may be difficult to get used to at first but do trust me. So, how to do that? First of all, get rid of the mindset that outfit repetition is bad in one way or another - it is practical. Then, pack the basics, like shirts, sweaters, jeans, … it may not completely reflect your style, but your there for the experience, so why not make a compromise? And one more thing, try to think of the different occasions that may come up. If you’re someone who enjoys clubbing, make sure you have one option for that.

Packing minimally will save you a lot of money and energy

Consider the climate

This one seems obvious but do your research about the weather of the place you’re going to. It may change a lot throughout the year, which means you have to be prepared for even more situations. If it is a place with a cold winter, consider travelling in your winter coat, as they tend to take up a lot of space. If you have the chance to go home or have someone visit you during the year, you’re the real winner – you can change up the wardrobe with your home visits.  

Bring your favourite pieces

If you’re anything like me, you may expect yourself to experiment when on your year abroad, so you pack clothes that you don’t wear so often with hope that it’ll change. It won’t. Maybe you think that when you have less options, you’ll gravitate towards the one t-shirt you like but never wear more. You won’t. You’ll just rotate your fav pieces more quickly, so do yourself a favour, and only bring the clothes you truly love to feel more comfortable and like yourself.

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