Year of the Woman: Broad City

As women in the UK won the right to vote 100 years ago, Beth Chrisp reviews a show which empowers women on our screens.

Beth Chrisp
12th February 2018
Image Credit: YouTube

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have created Broad City, one of the most empowering shows on television ever. Broad City follows the day-to-day life of two female, twenty-something New Yorkers. No subject is off-limits as the duo take on topics such as pegging, monogamy, politics, recreational narcotics and of course, bad jobs and bad apartments. Broad City is a celebration of all things female, through introverted aspiring artist Abbi and the extroverted, outrageous Ilana. It’s a show that allows women to get it wrong, to be dirty, funny and outspoken. Abbi and Ilana are just trying to get by, having fun while they do so and it’s a joy to join them on their pot-fuelled adventures.

"Broad City is a celebration of all things female"

The attraction of Broad City is not only the female empowerment but also the inclusivity and diversity of the show, from Hannibal Buress’ Lincoln to Arturo Castro’s Jaime, as well as including LGBTQ+ characters and storylines. Sex is discussed frankly and with an open-mind, Ilana’s character is a role model to be looked to for her inclusivity and lack of judgment.

Broad City is deserving of the hype that Girls received, and while Girls did an important (and entertaining) job it was overwhelmingly middle-class and white. Broad City is its cooler, naughtier sister presenting a world that feels real. Its goofy, funny and damn, its sexy. I defy you to finish Broad City without developing a crush on both Abbi and Ilana.

"While Girls did an important (and entertaining) job, it was overwhelmingly middle-class and white"

There can’t be talk of empowering women without mentioning the guest appearance of Hillary Clinton in Season 3 (how cool is that?!) or the fact that the word ‘Trump’ is bleeped out in Season 4. Jacobson and Glazer are here for the good times, they’re here for the ladies and the outcasts and they shout their mantra “Yaas Queen” in a voice that awakens everything that is great about being a woman. Being a twenty-something year old woman is dirty, messy, funny and most of the time you get it wrong, but if you want to feel less alone get yourself acquainted with Abbi and Ilana. They’ll look after you.

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