Yes Man

Charlie Isaac finds out that life really isn’t like the movies, and that saying Yes to everything really can just be, well, pointless

7th December 2015

Back in 2008, the amusing yet largely forgettable movie starring Jim Carey ‘Yes Man’ was released. The premises was fairly simple: an increasingly introverted man reluctantly agrees to answer ‘Yes’ to everything and sees his life become far more positive after embracing a series of spontaneous decisions. I was tasked with a similar approach; saying yes to everything for an entire day, as a social experiment of sorts. Being both incredibly lazy and hopelessly single, and observing how well it turned out for Jim Carey’s character, I decided to give it a go and see how accurately fantasy would actually match up to reality.    

However, as often is the case with reality, the experience was less ‘exciting and life-changing’ as it was ‘mundane and expensive’. My day of saying yes began on Friday 27th of November at 12:00 noon, when I finally woke up. Ok, perhaps not the best way to start the social experiment, however I decided this would be when my 24 hours would officially begin. I had specifically chosen a day in which I had no lectures or seminars (so that my wild, spontaneous antics would not disrupt my education) so a friend and I ventured into town to do some shopping for the weekend. Though I was very much prepared to accept a random offer to go skydiving, or join a band, or take part in an international treasure hunt, tragically no such opportunities presented themselves. Instead, I ended up accepting several guest list wristbands for clubs I definitely won’t go to,. “Would you like a bag?” asked the Tesco’s cashier, when purchasing a bag of rice and a pot noodle. Begrudgingly I accepted the 5p extra charge. “Onions?” asked the hot dog guy at the Christmas market which again, I reluctantly agreed to. This was largely the limit of my excitement in town.

“‘Would you like a bag?’ the cashier asked. I begrudgingly accepted the 5p charge”

Things started to get marginally more interesting on the walk back (though ‘marginally’ is the key word here), when I agreed to play some video games with my friend. Though I probably would’ve said ‘yes’ to this anyway, the thought of the increasingly large amount of work I really should’ve been doing certainly crossed my mind. Jokingly, he suggested I drink some of the beer I had just purchased. So of course, I ended up drunk at 4 in the afternoon playing video games.

A night out saying ‘yes’ to everything could, for obvious reasons, get very, very expensive, so I made sure no one I was with had any idea I would be doing this. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop a few of my friends asking me to buy the first round at a trebles bar, where I said goodbye to any hope of them ever collectively repaying me the 15 pounds. Onwards in the night, somebody had the bright idea of suggesting we do shots. Still feeling somewhat ill from the trebles I had just downed, I of course agreed that this was a great idea, and proceeded to drink 6 apple Sourz shots.

Fast forward a couple of hours to the end of the night, I agreed it was a good idea to help an incredibly drunk guy to find Ricky Road, as we were also heading that direction anyway. Somehow, the conversation devolved to him discussing his sex life in excruciating detail for a good 20 minutes, so, at half 3 in the morning, I finally got to bed, not entirely sure what exactly I had gained from the experience.   

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