You better hold on tight to this sparkling Twilight romance spider monkey

Sink your teeth into this teenage angsty romance

Neve Watson
14th February 2022
Image credit: IMDB
Yes, my favourite on-screen couple is Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. No, I won’t be taking any criticism.

I’m willing to lose friendships over this opinion. They genuinely are the whole package; they have it all. They have all the best tropes: forbidden love – one vampire, one human – teen angst, a love that’s to die for (literally). You can’t beat it.

Undeniable chemistry... Image credit: IMDB

From their first introduction in Twilight, with Bella being the new kid in town and Edward being the elusive and mysterious boy that everyone fancies, it’s clear that there’s going to be a fantastic romance between them. Edward, of course, has that tortured past that makes him want to stay away from Bella, but against all odds, he’s drawn to her (and yeah, she’s put in mortal danger a few times, but it’s for love). Every scene between them is electric, and of course, Stewart and Pattinson’s dating history throughout the films only authenticates this.

My favourite scene has got to be the wedding scene. If you don’t cry watching it I don’t trust you. The song choice – Turning Page, Sleeping At Last – is immaculate. The song itself is beautiful but the lyrics: I’ve waited a hundred years / I’d wait a million more for you. Sure, the Twilight franchise will never be the crème de la crème of cinema, but sometimes you just can’t beat a film that has an amazing soundtrack and a cheesy but heart-warming romance. And vampires. What more could you want?

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