You have got to be kitten me!

Claws are out as Phoebe Bower & Grace Melville debate festively dressing pets this Christmas season

14th December 2015


If you ask me, pet clothing and accessories at Christmas are an absolute must if you want your holiday to be a merry one. From roughly the 15th November, the Christmas hype is crazy; we’re all in the spirit and wanting to show it. In the game of Christmas showmanship, it’s so important over the festive season to truly look the part – which explains why there is always a mad dash to the Crimbo jumper section, people racing to grab a set of snowflake earrings, or a festive shade of lipstick to complement their outfit.

This weekend, my flat were hitting the Pound Store with the force of a tornado, raiding the decorations aisle in a bid to look more Christmassy than ever before. In the midst of all this mayhem, we stumbled upon the pet section, and were disappointed to find it looking a bit lacklustre. At a time like Christmas which is all about togetherness and giving, surely we should think of our fuzzy counterparts in the gift-giving process? They want to be involved but can’t, so the next best thing is getting them dressed to impress! This year, instead of watching your cat sitting on the side lines while you DIY your tree, or your dog over-excitedly chewing a bauble, why not get your paws on some pet friendly Christmas attire and involve them in the festivities?

In my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than a puppy in reindeer antlers or a kitten in a festive cardie. With the likes of John Lewis’ reindeer dress-up outfit for your pup, and Santa Claus one piece for your cat, it’s guaranteed your pets will be talk of the town. Plus, the Santa set comes in at only £9.79, so even if it turns out that Whiskers isn’t a big fan of his new garms (after all, only so many shades go with a tortoiseshell coat) then you haven’t wasted your precious pennies.

So this month, as you’re buying your Christmas day outfit, spare a thought for your furry friend and treat them with the gift of glamour.  Who knows, they may even have a present for you this year, like not digging up Mum’s freshly planted vegetables to go to the toilet!


No, no, no. Pets do not need to be dressed up... Not for Christmas, not for anything. They’re pets, not children, and besides they already have a custom-made fur coat. I have two dogs and not once have I sat there and thought you know what would make holiday season even better? If I dressed them up as f*king Christmas trees! True,  “Pickles the cat would look so cute with a Santa outfit on!” But Pickles isn’t Santa, the only present he’ll be leaving you requires a nappy sack to clean up.

The question that isn’t being asked here is: do our pets even want to be dressed up?! I realise that this conversation with our pets would be rather one-sided. But come on, we’re not idiots and we are able to tell when they’re uncomfortable. If your cat is squirming, hissing and leaves scratches all up your arm, they probably don’t want to be an elf. And they probably now hate you for life - hardly a scene of Christmas joy.

Can’t we let your pets just be themselves? The phrase is ‘love the skin you’re in’ not ‘love the synthetic fibres which trap you into unwillingly becoming a Christmas decoration.’ I plead with you all to bin this Christmas craze. Our pets don’t need to go through an identity crisis just to look cute on your festive family calendar.

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