You Me At Six - Night People

Jaymelouise Hudspith reviews You Me At Six's new album, Night People

Jaymelouise Hudspith
13th February 2017

So, the band has made a comeback, but is it for the best?

After releasing their first EP back in 2005; and their first album Take Off Your Colours in 2008 throwing them into the spotlight with their unique sound, the group has evolved into one of the most effortless, focused, fan-friendly bands to top the charts in a way few else have.

Many had high hopes for Night People after their first UK number one album in 2014 with Cavalier Youth, expecting it to be a similar sound since it was so successful. However, this is not the case.

"The group seems to be saying its goodbyes to their roots"

Instead the group opted for bluesy, soulful, rock ‘n’ roll; slick and catchy but nothing that hasn’t already been done. Despite this being a new scene for the band to explore, meaning all bets are off for what the future holds for their next album

The group seems to be saying its goodbyes to their roots as they reach out into the unknown future, although it feels like a slightly forced way. The songs on the latest album are made for the radio, filled with misery, distress, and clichés about bad relationships ending in even worse ways, relatable to many of their fans.

Some of the songs on this album have links to their 2014 album, Cavalier Youth, others have a more soulful feel, mellow and minimal, grown up (or boring).

Cliché though they may be, the issues with their latest album is that it has been overplayed and losing its affect. It shows that the band has reached a major stalemate; with their new bluesy rock sound they seem to have no idea which direction they should turn.

Night People isn’t the album we may have all been expecting but it’s new, different but not unfamiliar. It’s one we will most likely hear headlining festivals this summer. Although, I am ultimately disappointed with their new sound, I feel as though it will grow on me.


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