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From Chelsea legend to back in the squad, let's take a look at the GK making a re-appearance this season

Katie Siddall
13th November 2020
YouTube: Chelsea Football Club
Petr Čech's is coming out of retirement!

Petr Čech, goalkeeper and semi-professional ice hockey player, played 11 years at Chelsea FC followed by four years at Arsenal FC from 2015. The football veteran then returned to his beloved Chelsea FC as a Technical and Performance Advisor; however, 16 months later… Petr Cech is coming out of retirement! Upon the news, football fans everywhere took a deep breath.

Petr Čech is best known for wearing a helmet during football matches. Whilst playing Reading, in October 2006, Čech collided with Stephen Hunt, causing a life-threatening skull fracture. Surprisingly, he was only out of action for three months but returned wearing his protective helmet for every future game.

The 38-year-old had 160 clean sheets in 333 Premier League appearances for Chelsea, making 800 saves within the same period too. Now he is back; training alongside the likes of Mendy, Kepa and Caballero, Čech is an emergency keeper for his old, faithful team Chelsea FC.

Čech has made this return due to the unprecedented times of COVID-19. Members of The Blues may need to self-isolate in these difficult times if they, or their household, were to become ill with symptoms of the deadly virus. COVID-19 has ruined millions of lives around the world, whether directly or indirectly – the precautions taken by the FA and the Premier League have been in incredible! Allowing multiple substitutions at the end of last season, COVID-19 tests for those on and off the pitch and allowing more players to be called up for the clubs. Incredible unlike VAR!

Though the goalkeeping legend has been retired from the field, he has returned in great form. Čech left the Emirates Stadium with a few injuries which, during his retirement, have now gone, claims a source at Chelsea FC. Frank Lampard and Mark Schwarzer, both of which have played beside Čech, have been impressed with his efforts on the training field.

Lampard has commented on Čech’s reappearance at training saying “he helps me to know that he’s passing on that quality and experience to goalkeepers.” Goalkeeping experience is everything.

For many, Čech’s unretirement has brought many positive emotions from football supporters. They believe that his experience around the younger keepers will instill calmness and confidence into the blues squad. Also, a calm, controlled and competent keeper is the way forward to start winning more games and trophies.

Featured Image: YouTube via Chelsea Football Club
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