Younger airs on Sony TV, Wednesday 9pm

23rd November 2015
Younger airs on Sony TV, Wednesday 9pm

From Sex And the City creator Darren Star, Younger is the new US hit show that encapsulates the ever growing pressure to be, as the title advertises, ‘younger’. Starring the incredible Sutton Foster (Anything Goes) and with an unexpected appearance from Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire), the show is a surprisingly refreshing comedy.

The general plot involves newly divorced mum Liza (Foster), and her struggle to get a job in the publishing industry as a 40 year ‘has-been’ woman. Thus, she is forced to erase history and turn back time. But will reliving her life as a 26 year old turn out how she expects? Or does the ever growing pressure of lying to her friends, work colleagues and her love interest eventually start to catch up on her?

The show incorporates not only the struggles Liza faces as an older woman pretending to be young, but also life in the 21st century. Consequently, she must become accustomed to all the latest trends and pressures that surround the world of social media, as well as the backlashes that come with it. With an even blend of comedy, friendship and romance (Nico Tortorella as the love interest being very easy on the eye), the series is a light hearted break from the intense worlds of violence and drama that seem to dominate our screens lately. The succinct nature of the series (12 episodes, each 30 minutes long) is therefore suitable for such a relaxing and carefree show, although it still leaves you craving more as the show progresses. To summarise, Younger is a fantastic way to wind down after a stressful day at university: highly recommended!

Younger airs on Sony TV, Wednesday 9pm

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