YouTuber and Beauty Brand Collaborations: Worth the Hype?

Nimra Rafique is an expert in all things regarding beauty collaborations. Here she shares with us her favourite pairings, what’s hot on YouTube, and the newest ranges you should invest in.

Nimra Rafique
19th February 2018
Image Credit: @maccosmetics (Instagram)

It’s always fun when beauty brands decide to do collaborations with celebrities or influencers, as that person adds their own personal touch to products they have passionately helped create with brands we all know and love. Beauty collaborations usually allow us to gain insight into that celebrity or influencer’s ideal products, their creation is made containing all the elements they favour. I bet we’ve all imagined what a beauty product would be like if we created it, what shades you would have, texture, even packaging. Usually we follow influencers we not just admire but also relate to. Therefore, their beauty collaborations will probably be something that suits our tastes. That’s what makes beauty collaborations so popular, they are made by people we have grown to know and respect.

MAC Cosmetics is known for frequently collaborating with various celebrities and influencers such as Fleur De Force, Nicki Minaj and Patrick Starr, to name a few. The famous beauty brand has recently launched a collection with American fashion designer and creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott. The collection, which includes an eyeshadow palette, a lip palette, cheek products and various makeup brushes, stays true to his exquisite taste for all things bright, bold and beautiful. Scott’s collection includes an impressive 29-shade eyeshadow palette, which alongside everyone’s favourite neutral browns includes beautiful bright and vibrant hues that Scott is known for. As well as expressing himself through the actual products Scott also uses the packaging to show his unique style as the products are ‘specially packaged in cheeky tribute to the days of mixtapes, boomboxes, new music and unhinged creative expression taking root on city streets’ which clearly shows his bold, fun, retro-like flair.

A beauty brand renowned for their range of highlighters is Anastasia Beverly Hills. There is a choice for everyone with all the Glow Kits ABH has in their collection, whether you want a beaming bronzy glow, a fluorescent pink shine, or even an icy blue glaze, ABH has it all. 2018 has only just begun and the brand is already spoiling us with their latest collaboration with Amra Olević, better known as Amrezy; the pair have created a beautifully blinding golden highlighter, which was released to the public on Valentine’s day 2018. Of course, the ABH team sent out the highlighter to the lucky people on their PR list, and we got to have a sneak peek at all the demos and reviews scattered all over Instagram and YouTube. With ABH’s reputation for creating amazing highlighters and Amrezy’s beauty expertise it’s no doubt that this highlighter is going to be a hit.

Gigi Hadid collaborated with the drugstore makeup brand Maybelline at the end of last year, and launched her limited edition collection (which is still available, so get it while you can). Gigi thought of everything when making this collection from mascara, highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadow, - you need for the perfect glam look. The products are sold separately however they have been placed into one of two categories, East Coast Glam Collection and West Coast Glam Collection. East Coast Glam products can be used to create chic, city life day-to-night looks, whereas West Coast Glam is tailored for those who want to achieve Gigi’s golden, sun-kissed beachy glam with a bold lip. I like the clever idea of attaching products onto the East or West Coast, both of which hold great significance to Gigi, and help add a personal touch to her collection.

Image Credit: @maybelline (Instagram)

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