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The Courier is an award-winning student publication which is both written and edited by student volunteers at Newcastle University Students’ Union. The Courier was founded as King’s Courier in 1948, and has seen many major transformations on its way to becoming the much loved student newspaper it is today. The Courier now publishes a 40-page newspaper every week of term-time, plus special editions for graduation and freshers’ week, making 20 issues per year in total.

The Courier is available for free around campus for students, staff and visitors. A list of the locations we distribute to is available here. If you are unable to pick up a copy of the Courier on campus, you can either view our content on our website here, or look through our editions page-by-page on our Issuu account here.

The Courier now has 14 different sections, which are split into Current Affairs (News, Comment), Life & Style (Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Food), Culture (Music, Film, TV, Arts, Science, Gaming) and Sport. While not available on our website, each print edition also features a page of fantastic puzzles for taking a break between seminars.

The Courier has over 200 volunteer writers who contribute articles both for our website and for our print editions. The sections are managed by sub-editors, who liaise with writers, edit articles and lay up the pieces using specialist software. These sub-editors are in turn overseen by a team of senior editors. The Courier is ultimately led by the Editor, who is an elected sabbatical officer at the Students’ Union. This year your Editor of the Courier is Grace Dean, a former News Sub-Editor who was involved in the Courier for three years before becoming Editor.

To get involved and have a go at writing for the Courier, please click here.

Keep up to date with the Courier and get information regarding writers’ meetings, our latest editions, and online content by following us on social media using the icons below, or join our mailing list here to get weekly email updates.

At Newcastle University Students’ Union we also have two other branches of student media. Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) is an award-winning radio station run by students, for students. First on air all the way back in 1997, NSR runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Manned entirely by students, shows range from specialist music to comedy to sport and news. NUTV is NUSU Media’s high-action and fast-paced television branch. Founded in 2010, the youngest of the three branches produces both on-demand and live broadcasts throughout the academic year, including coverage of current affairs, entertainment, music, student talent and lifestyle and sports. NUTV aims to be a platform to allow as many students as possible, regardless of their academic or personal background, the chance to experience the world of TV production.



Get involved & contact us/meet the team

Anyone who is a student at Newcastle University can write for the Courier. Whether you want to review of your favourite film, comment on worldwide issues, update students about what’s happening on campus or hold your university to account with some investigative journalism, there’s space in the Courier for everyone’s voice to be heard.

We hold weekly writers’ meetings in the Planning Room of the Students’ Union on Wednesday afternoons. These are drop-in sessions from 1:30pm to 2:30pm, meaning that you don’t have to come in for the whole hour. Each of our sections will have a little stand with at least one sub-editor there, and they will bring with them a list of articles for the week. Don’t like the look of any? Our sub-editors are always enthusiastic about writers proposing their own article ideas, so just let them know what you want to write about and they can support you. Unable to attend the writers’ meetings? No worries! All our leftover articles get posted in our Facebook groups, so make sure you join them all.



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For other queries, please see below for contact details for our senior editor team.

Editor-in-Chief: Grace Dean – Email

Deputy Editor: Molly Greeves – Email

Head of Online: Tom Hardwick – Email

Life & Style Editor: Nimra Rafique – Email

Culture Editors: Ella Williams & Charlotte Boulton – Ellla and Charlotte

Head of Sport: Rebecca Johnson – Email

Social Secretaries: Ella Williams & Rebecca Johnson – Ella and Rebecca


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