Album Review: AWOLNATION’s ‘Here Come The Runts’

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AWOLNATION’s third album, Here Come the Runts, is 45 minutes of alternative, guitar driven energy.

The title track grasps listener’s attention with its almost cinematic approach. An eclectic mix of techniques is then applied, with variation particularly audible in ‘Sound Witness System’. ‘Handyman’ and ‘Seven Sticks of Dynamite’ delicately move to incorporate a slower acoustic element, which provides contrast to the in your face and grungy songs such as ‘Passion’, ensuring engagement throughout.

Necessary respite is provided by the 30 second interlude of ‘A Little Luck and a Couple of Dogs’ which structures the album, marking a melodic progression into ‘Table for One’ and ‘My Molasses’, tracks which clearly emphasise a focus on Aaron Bruno’s eccentric vocals. Placed at the forefront of the mix, his lyrics are electronically untainted, yet significantly reverberated, producing an enriched sound.

‘Stop That Train’ concludes the album with an epic 6-minutes of heavy rock, showcasing all they have to offer. Previous techniques are repeated and then manipulated together through the drive of drummer Isaac Carpenter.

the album clearly maintains the band’s characteristic as a strong alternative artist

Regardless of the keyboardist (Kenny Carkeet) and bassist (Marc Walloch) departing in late 2017, the album clearly maintains the band’s characteristic as a strong alternative artist. Further, it evidences a development in the band’s style and focus. It builds on the electric sound of their first studio album, Megalithic Symphony in 2011, which notably featured their most streamed hit ‘Sail’.

Here Come the Runts unquestionably shows another side to AWOLNATION, whilst still ensuring the opportunity to provide an inevitably vigorous live show. The American and European tour begins on February 11th, including a date in London on the 22nd April.

Last modified: 12th February 2018

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