Album Review: Tove Lo’s ‘Blue Lips’

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Carving a name for herself as the brutally honest lyricist that didn’t want to sing her own songs, it seems no one else can sing these words for her. Tove Lo is undoubtedly not scared to say the things that trouble and delight her.

The very title is a testament to this statement, with the continuation of her second studio album Lady Wood being named Blue Lips. Love and sexuality have been the dominant theme of Tove lo’s work; Blue Lips is no exception to this, with lyrics retailing her sexual experience rebounding loudly through the album.

The punchy, gated reverb dominates, giving Tove Lo’s love of the 80’s a considerable presence in the album, alongside elements of more contemporary EDM. The opening track ‘Light Beams’, though short, is a representation of the heavily stylised sound that marks Tove lo’s progression from her debut album.

Tracks like ‘Disco Tits’ and ‘Bitches’ use that same explicit focus on sex

Blue Lips retains the same likable aspects of Lady Wood, taking its charming pop and combining this with sharp and jagged lyrics that speak of relationships, love and sex. ‘Shivering Gold’ contains the lyrics ‘Kissing it better, a physical face/Taking your body, I sit on your face’; there is an honesty inherent within the album that is both endearing and brutish. Tracks like ‘Disco Tits’ and ‘Bitches’ use that same explicit focus on sex that make it an entertaining, but equally difficult listen.

‘Stranger’ is seemingly a standout amongst the tracks of the album, boasting the lovable sense of 80’s and a chorus that drags the listener into the lyrics. Similarly, ‘Cycles’ evidences Tove Lo’s ability to a write catchy dance music. Blue Lips isn’t exceptional, and yet it is very much an entertaining listen.

Rating: 3/5

Last modified: 8th December 2017

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