Newcastle rated the best UK city to work in

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A recent study has named Newcastle the best city to work in within the UK.

Sixty-six UK cities were ranked by Startups, an online resource provider for those looking to set up their own business, based on six factors: transport links, number of co-working spaces, the cost of a monthly travel pass, the number of coffee shops, the number of bars and the number of supermarkets. Newcastle’s vibrant nightlife, an aspect of the city already enjoyed by students and young professionals, as well as the low cost of travel were both areas the city scored highly in. The study found that the average monthly travel pass in Newcastle cost £50, a price deemed good quality compared to the average monthly pass for Durham costing £70.

London came in at sixth place in the study, despite it being the most popular place for graduates to move to in 2014. Startups noted that people are increasingly enjoying the benefits of living and working in the north. Lucy Wayment from Startups said:

“Though London is still a popular choice for those seeking to further their career, the cost of living there cannot compete with northern cities like Manchester and Newcastle.”

Wayment also notes that a good work-life balance is a key factor in judging which cities are best to work in.

“We spend most of the week in the cities we work in and having a good commute, so nice working spaces and plenty of eateries to socialise in can make a huge difference to your general happiness.”

Newcastle’s abundance of restaurants and city-centre shopping, as well as the convenience of the Metro, have all contributed to the city topping the list.

Many Newcastle University graduates recognise the appeal of the Newcastle, choosing to stay and work in the city. Michael O’Neill, English Literature and Creative Writing graduate, notes the social appeal of working in the city centre, saying:

“There’s unreal team morale, a good atmosphere, the social aspects are spot on, and it’s generally quite a brilliant atmosphere to work around.”

These opinions were echoed by English Literature and History graduate Tilly Parry, who described Newcastle as offering “a great balance of social and working opportunities.

“I’m temping at the moment and it’s given me a huge range of work experience, decent wages alongside easy and cheap travel. Being able to find a Greggs for every lunch break is also amazing.”

Other graduates have noted the presence of good companies in the city as incentives to stay. Sam Arthur, who graduated in Electrical Engineering, stated that he enjoyed working for a company that he liked.

The study will be welcomed by Newcastle University students hoping to stay in the city after graduation. In 2014, Newcastle was the fifth-most popular destination for university graduates, with 1.6% of all university graduates moving to the city six months after graduation.

Last modified: 3rd November 2018

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