Newcastle student cases skyrocket to over 1000 in last week

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1003 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed among students in the last 7 days. This is a rise of over 900 from the previous week, in which only 94 cases were reported.

Additionally, 12 cases among staff were reported, up from 7 the previous week.

Meanwhile, Northumbria University has confirmed an outbreak of 619 cases, a drop from 770 the previous week.

A recent Instagram poll put out by MemecastleUni suggested that 548 students had tested positive in the last 6 weeks, with 927 self-isolating and 42 severe cases resulting in hospitalisation.

The rise in cases comes following an announcement by the Vice-Chancellor to move to Tier 3 of the Outbreak Response Plan yesterday, meaning the vast majority of teaching will now be online.

Figures released by Newcastle City Council have revealed 1446 cases in the wider city in the last 7 days, up from 979 the previous week.

A spokesperson for the University said that “this data represents students and colleagues connected with the University community within the Newcastle city area.”

“The overwhelming majority of the cases we have seen are from infections acquired within social and domestic settings”.

“We expect to see this rise in our [university] community in light of the rise in cases both locally and nationally”.

Image: Newcastle University

Last modified: 8th October 2020

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