Review: The Japanese House- Good at Falling

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The Japanese House’s long awaited debut album, Good at Falling, is now with us. With some of the album being recorded in a cabin owned by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and with production help from The 1975’s George Daniel, the album was set up to be nothing less than brilliant, and it’s fully delivered. Amber Bain keeps nothing behind closed doors on this album as she sheds light on her recent breakup with Marika Hackman. An incredible mix of sad synths and strings, this album is her finest and most bold work yet.

The albums opener ‘went to meet her (intro)’ sets off the record perfectly, Amber’s mellow vocals being enhanced by a haunting auto tune effect sinks us slowly into Good at Falling, enveloping the listener in a curious melancholy as they eagerly await for the next track to quietly transition in.

Track number five ‘You Seemed so Happy’, begins with an acoustic chord progression that wouldn’t be out of place on a Kooks record. However this façade is quickly diminished as the drums and lyrics kick in. Although sang to an upbeat melody the lyrics tell another story of confusion and heartbreak at thinking you know when someone is okay, when in fact they are not.

Perhaps the most powerful track on the album is ‘Lilo’. The song tells of how Amber felt at the start and throughout her relationship with Marika Hackman. The music video for this particular song evokes even more emotion, due to both Amber and Marika being in it, both as lovers and as those who have separated.

This album is her finest and most bold work yet.


The album finishes with an acoustic version of the previously released ‘i saw you in a dream’. This new version of the track is a lot more relaxed than its predecessor and is a fitting end to an absolutely incredible album.


Last modified: 8th June 2020

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