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Class of 2020 petition for physical graduation


The University today announced plans to hold online graduation ceremonies in July after their success for MBBS students...

Summer graduation ceremonies postponed


The University has announced that summer 2020 graduation ceremonies will be postponed until further notice....

Bored of mortar boards?


As we approach graduation time, many students have been surprised and disappointed to discover that most congregation ceremonies at Newcastle University do not involve wearing a...

Your degree may be over, but the memories will never fade


It’s finally over. After all those hours spent huddled over a desk in the Robbo, all those 9am lectures that you just about made it to on time, all those seminars you blagged...

Dobson & Parnell: graduation review


The first thing that struck me about Dobson & Parnell was its prime location on Queen Street, within minutes’ walk of the Quayside yet perfectly sheltered from the hustle...