Tasteless tactics: was Trump right to pick his own golf retreat to host G7 summit?

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Trump, as we all know, is a man of… questionable decisions. From his controversial trans military ban, to his ridiculous plan to build a wall. So why are we all still surprised when he does something highly unethical?

His latest controversy is his decision put forward his own resort to host the G7 summit. This, unsurprisingly, serves his own interest. The resort, the Trump National Doral in Miami, has been struggling the past two years and as such, Trump – clever businessman that he is – has decided to spend taxpayers’ money on himself. How did this man win the election again?

If Obama had done this, the right would be incensed

This right here is how the rich get richer: although the plan has been scrapped, he has still made an attempt to dupe the poor, ignorant people who voted for him into funding his own lifestyle. If this was Obama, the right would be incensed about it, so why have the majority of Trump’s working-class voters not raised concern over where their money is going? And since next year is an election year in the USA, shouldn’t Trump being doing all that he can to invest money into communities to secure their votes? This seems like poor foresight to me. But I’m just a student, who’s to say that I have any understanding of how to ethically run a country without squandering public funds to host a bunch of powerful people, in my own resort. A failing resort at that!

I’m certain Trump knows what he’s doing, and that there is no way this will blow up in his face. I’m hoping sarcasm translates into print.

Faye Navesey’s take on Trump’s decision can be found here: http://www.thecourieronline.co.uk/last-resort-was-trump-right-to-pick-his-own-golf-retreat-to-host-g7-summit/

Last modified: 29th October 2019

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