The real problem with celebrities coming out

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Many people have made their own responses to Jameela Jamil and Philip Schofield’s coming out. Yet they seem to be missing the big picture- It absolutely nobody’s business but their own.

First, Philip’s coming out took a lot of guts, coming out at any age is hard, but coming out later in life is a challenge I will luckily never have to go through. The response to his coming out has been overwhelmingly positive, with even his wife and daughter’s saying how “proud” they are for him.

 However, some people have made allegations that he only came out to avoid being outed by The Sun, due to an alleged affair he had with and aide that he “pressured” into sex. This, as of writing this, has no real credibility, and seems to undermine the beauty of Schofield finally being able to accept who he truly is. Moreover, many people, have rightly commented on how his wife must be feeling.

Instead of looking at it from the perspective of a Philip, they seem to be vilifying the man, and implying his marriage was purely selfish as he is gay.

Similarly, the response to Jameela Jamil coming out as queer, has garnered mixed responses. The star of The Good Place came out as queer following her announcement as a judge on a new Voguing dance competition. This was met with a lot of people moaning that she isn’t a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and shouldn’t judge a competition with its roots in the Harlem ball scene of the 1980’s. She responded to this by coming out as queer.

This, shockingly, didn’t help, despite her acknowledgement of the fact she is a member of this community, people accused her of lying because she dated a man prior to coming out. This has raised questions as to whether the negative response is due in part to Jamil’s status as a female POC, who is known for championing causes regarding equality.

At the end of the day, they are just people, so please just let them live their lives.

Last modified: 20th February 2020

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