‘Tis the sea-sun… to seek out Tynemouth’s market

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We students don’t know how good we’ve got it up here in Newcastle.

Too often weekends can go to waste, as we sit wallowing in our workload and spending every waking minute wishing we were a). at home in a warm house or b). washing away our worries with a large glass of wine. But alas dear students, there’s more to the tipsy toon than our alcohol infused brains may assume.

Craving fresh air, fish and chips and, frankly, just a fun day out, my housemate and I planned a trip to the beach. No-one can argue with a £5 metro ticket when it transports you to the beautiful beaches of Tynemouth. Sometimes you’ve just got to seas the day…

What we didn’t anticipate was the glorious market that was to greet us in Tynemouth station. On a sunny Saturday, both sides of the platforms were heaving with our local Geordies and students galore. Standing proud beneath the glass canopy are a whole range of stalls. Books to bonkers vintage collectibles, plants to plant-based food and a fruit market to rival Grainger’s competitive prices. It was even rumoured there was a Nazi memorabilia stall – although fortunately we didn’t witness it.

We treated ourselves to a festive gingerbread and cinnamon latte – baffling how a coffee can taste of Autumn – before I succumbed to the aroma of baked goods. Mr macaroon man manoeuvred his freshly made masterpieces from out of the oven and gave us one for free… Each! What student doesn’t love a good freebie?

But even if the macaroon man can’t entice you with one of his warm fudge and banana miracles, it’s well worth just looking up to admire this botanical building on your trip down to the beach. Could the plant stall be situated in any better setting than what is essentially a glass greenhouse? If you’re wanting to spruce up your drab student house, adding a living plant works wonders and the market caters to all needs.

Stressing about those stocking fillers? Fear no more, friends. A relatively inexpensive jewellery stall sells some quirky pieces, as well as offering local artist’s work in the format of coffee coasters or paintings. For the festive fiends amongst you, there’s a stall dedicated to tree decorations and bits for the home. Let the countdown begin…

As our greed for fish and chip grease grumbled, we decided not to explore the other side of the market and to save it for another day. One of our Courier editors informs me that it is often books sold on the other side. With further research, I have discovered Tynemouth market hosts a farmer’s market every third Saturday of the month, annual book fairs and more festive stalls as we approach Christmas!

University can often feel like a lonely place at times, but I assure you a trip here to the salty sea air is good for the soul. Who knows, you may even recognise a little piece of yourself in all the women chattering with too many shopping bags – or the men complaining about how unnecessary a lavender plant is.

Last modified: 1st December 2018

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