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On 12 December, I shall be voting for the Labour party. This is because I agree with many of Labour’s policies, especially with regards to climate change and education. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about Brexit: it is tedious at this point, so it really is not influencing my opinion on the election in any way.
Many fear for the future of the NHS under a Conservative government
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Labour may be making promises it can’t keep (it’s not like any other parties do that, is it?), but we stand to lose so much if Labour is not voted in: we could lose the NHS as we know it. We could lose the welfare state, which would mean that young, vulnerable families could face disastrous problems, whilst the rich get richer through tax cuts. It’s happened in the US, and that’s what is likely to happen here.

If that sounds like something you don’t want, I’d recommend voting Labour on 12 December.

Last modified: 26th November 2019

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