5 Fashion Faux Pas' Better Left in the past

Zofia Zwieglinska on why we should ditch 2015's most popular trends

15th February 2016

Fashion trends come and go every year- in fact, there are even those that gradually swing into the next in the hope that a trend will get ‘re-imagined’ with a new colour or cut. Trends are a notoriously precarious thing, and no one will admit to wearing midriff-revealing tops and the combat trousers and heels that were so popular in the late 90’s. Nowadays, the trends are less extreme, but that does not mean that there aren’t some truly disastrous creations that certainly need to vanish in the new year.

  1. Fur on everything

Who, at any point, thought that the Celine shoes that looked like you had slayed a yeti would enrich their fashion life? Unfortunately, as the daze of the craze let go of your fashion crazed mind, we slowly realized that this is no longer an essential item in our shoe closets. In fact, they really should be binned. Not to mention of course that in a practical sense, there is nowhere in the UK where those shoes would work, let alone not smell like a wet dog when they come into contact with water. This also applies to any fur on coat edges, skirts with furry hems etc. Inefficient use of fur is out.

  1. ‘Stylish wearable tech’

With the boom that was the Apple Watch, other companies also came out with wearable gadgets that wouldn't look out of place in a jeweler’s cabinet. There were necklaces, rings, watches that looked like classic timepieces. However, nothing could detract our attention away from the fact that the vast majority of these were very ugly, slightly too big and sometimes downright strange. There is nothing wrong with trying to maintain a healthy routine, so if you do want to use a tracker, make sure it looks sporty, and not like it's trying to imitate something it's not. So if you do have to wear anything techy in this coming year, let’s all agree not to buy those that try and blend with the jewellery you may already have around your neck or fingers.

  1. Fringe

Setting aside my own personal aversions to this horrendous trend, fringe (in the boho, I'm-a-rockstar kind of sense) can be very cool. However, many companies that prefer to use cheaper fabric for a cheaper dress don't understand that putting strings around your hem will not make you look rock and roll at all. These pieces also have a tendency to fray and look uneven if not straight, so why bother with such a troublesome trend in the first place? There are so many easier ways to look like a rock and roll chick, like wearing a leather jacket, or simply styling yourself with grungy hair. Let the fringe go please, and don't ever let it come back.

  1. Over the knee boots

I may ruffle some feathers with this one, but I personally believe you have to be over 5 foot 9 to even try to look effortless in this trend. Not only do shops not cater to those of us with more skin to squeeze into fake suede without losing all circulation, but they also expect you to love these shoes that are extremely troublesome to make an outfit with. I have come to the conclusion that only very short skirts or shorts would work with this trend, and unless you are used to braving wet winds in tiny hot pants, give this trend a wave goodbye for 2016.

5. Cagey underwear

Now this may not strictly be a trend, as many people don't actually show their underwear (thank god), however it is most definitely a big fashion moment for 2015. Every lingerie shop seems to sell these encasing creations, bringing to mind bad S&M and the inner dominatrix. It is now even harder to find a bra that doesn't have bands across the cleavage area, or triple-banded knickers. Why do this to anyone? Apart from the obvious fact that if these are not the correct size they could leave large marks all across your body, these are just not pretty. Nor have I ever heard a woman or man say that they want their underwear to have more gaps than a cutout snowflake. So again, please let this trend go! Nothing good could ever come from this trend, and scrappy underwear is certainly not sexy.

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