A to Z

A to Z airs on E4, Monday at 7:30pm

30th November 2015

Looking for a new cute Rom-com to fill the cold winter nights? Look no further!

A to Z is the new American TV series to be aired in the UK, and here’s what to expect!

A-Z gets its name from its two main characters, Andrew and Zelda. A-Z is effectively the story of how Andrew and Zelda meet and (you guessed it!), get together and fall in love; although perhaps not so straightforward as that!

Andrew (Ben Feldman – you may have seen him in ‘The Mindy Project’) is a typical guy who loves sports and Liam Neeson movies, whilst also having a softer side and enjoys singing along to Celine Dion. Andrew’s day job is working for an internet dating company, meaning he helps others find happiness whilst putting his own love life on a back burner; but is this all about to change when he meets Zelda?

Now, insert a petite brown haired beauty – a girly girl who enjoys getting her nails done and dressing up for ‘themed cocktail parties’, this is Zelda. (Cristin Milioti – ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) Zelda is a lawyer who enjoys being in control of her life. Just from the trailer I think it can be presumed that Zelda has had her heart broken once or twice and therefore has her defences up, but how will Andrew handle this? Again, I expect that this could be another pitfall in the progress of their relationship.

Andrew and Zelda meet when she walks in to the internet dating office with a problem with her online account. Andrew, with the encouragement of his bearded ginger friend, finds the courage to introduce himself to Zelda and it isn’t long before he asks her out for drinks. I think that we can expect the sub-characters to be stereotypical, perhaps annoyingly so, we’ll just have to wait and see.

All seems to be going well until Andrew talks about a concert he once attended…lo and behold it just so happens Zelda was at the same concert. Andrew suddenly exclaims that he saw her at the party in a silver dress, before stating that their meeting is ‘destiny’ and the kind of story to tell your kids. Zelda replies with an astonished ‘so we’re gonna have kids?’ before declaring the girl in the silver dress wasn’t her and leaving the bar ASAP. Wow, perhaps a bit much for a first date; also it may only be me who thinks this, but this seems a tad too anticipated and cheesy.

Don’t worry too much though, the next day after a pep talk from her friend Zelda calls Andrew, meets him, they kiss and this is the beginning of the rest of the season, the ‘comprehensive account’ of A and Z’s relationship. I think that this TV series although perhaps a bit predictable, but has potential and will be good as background noise or to watch whilst winding down after a long day at uni. Each episode is around 22 minutes long I’m expecting A to Z to be the perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate, marshmallows and a fluffy dressing gown.

A to Z airs on E4, Monday at 7:30pm

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