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Ever wondered what beauty item fits the personality of your star-sing? Our writers give their spiritual guidance and verdicts

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11th February 2019

Ever wondered what beauty item fits the personality of your star-sing? 

Aries: 21st March- 19th April 

The Morphe 35b 35 Colour Burst eyeshadow palette is the perfect beauty product for those born under the Aries sign. The bold array of colours allow the creative flair of an Aries to go wild. From pinks, to greens, blues, yellows, oranges and reds, the palette reflects the enthusiastic and passionate nature associated with Aries. The palette allows for the creation of bold confident looks, perfectly complementing Aries’ confident and daring personality. The darker reds and oranges reflect the fiery nature of Aries. The brand name Morphe reflects the versatile nature of Aries and their ability to adapt and transform into whoever they want to be. The palette allows for individuality and the creation of varied, creative and bold looks, which makes it a great investment.

Heidi Wilkinson

Taurus: 20th April- 20th May 

The Taurus sign is famous for laziness and inability to compromise on what they want. For me, the beauty product that encapsulates both these qualities is my use of the Eylure Dylash Dye Kit. It allows me to be lazy in that I don’t have to use mascara on a daily basis and yet means I don’t have to compromise on my lashes looking their best. It’s especially good for going on holidays and when I go to visit my boyfriend, so he doesn’t get a nasty shock seeing me with no makeup in the morning. The kit takes around 20 minutes to complete and saves me going to the beauticians which adds up to a lot more money and can take a lot longer. I find that the Dylash doesn’t irritate my super sensitive eyes and I tend to do it along with my nails and Sunday face mask, I can’t recommend it enough if you want a quick fix with maximum impact.

Jodie Duddy

Gemini: 21st May- 20th May 

Ah, Gemini. The twins. Or, as Gemini is also sometimes considered to be by the more pessimistic among us, the two-faced bitch. This therefore leads quite naturally to Too Faced being the brand of choice to represent Geminis.

And what better product to choose to than their Sweet & Sexy set (as we Geminis like to go all out)? Complete with some of the brand’s best-sellers including Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette, Sweethearts Bronzer and Better Than Sex Mascara, this set enables Geminis to choose which side of their zodiac sign to showcase today. Embrace the sweeter side of life with eye shadow shades that make you drool at the mouth like Sprinkles and Cotton Candy or unleash your inner sassy self with a deep smoky eye – and pay a homage to Newcastle while you’re at it, as the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette even features an irresistible teal-toned shimmery named after our beloved Earl Grey.

Grace Dean

Cancer: 21st June- 22nd July 

Symbolised by the crab with a protective shell, this horoscope desires retreat, solitude and creature comforts. Indeed, it’s a new year; time to take stock and process all your personal goals. So, what better beauty product for alone time is there than a deep, relaxing facial mask?

Cancers are usually busy looking after others and people-pleasing, often needing to take the time to hibernate with their thoughts. The Glam Glow facial masks are perfect for those who love nothing more than a cosy pamper night with a bath, Netflix and glass of wine. The Supermud mask is the most popular of the collection; its powerful charcoal formula helps draw out dirt, oil and other impurities, while refining pores and leaving skin with a mattified glow. Equally, the Glam Glow Thirstymud hydrating treatment restores your skins natural moisture, and its soothing ingredients of oats, apples and hydra-clay allow you to truly relax.

After all the Christmas indulgence, your skin needs time to recover. As you retreat and begin to process your emotional and financial success for the next month, this facial product will help you unwind.

Lori Harper

Leo: 23rd July- 22nd August 

The Chocolate Gold Soliel Bronzer by Too Faced really is the perfect product for the Leo in your life. The real gold infused in this bronzer gives a gorgeous sun-kissed look ideal for the fiery sun-sign Leo, and if that wasn’t enough, it is also made with 100% real cocoa powder. Not only does it look and smell amazing, it is also super long wearing, with coverage lasting a good 8 hours, even in hot and sunny weather. Whilst cream powders have been gaining popularity over the last few years, this powder formula still does the trick perfectly. It doesn’t look cakey in the slightest and can be layered as much as any cream formula can. The application is made easy with any brush of your choice. All in all, this product is a great match for any Leo, if sunshine was packaged, it would probably be this.

Meg McManus

Virgo: 23rd August- 22nd September 

Being a Virgo is both a blessing a curse. Yes, I was always the eldest in my year at school, and yes having a sapphire as my birth stone is just so convenient as it matches the colour of my eyes, but I am also an incessant perfectionist, habitually obsessing with small details, and have a tendency to be over critical about just about anything. So, what does this mean for my skincare? Well, in correlation with the characteristics of my star sign, I tend to use much harsher products on my face than it needs, falling into the trend- approved trap of acid peels, salicylic gel and over- concentrated scrubs. When I don’t use these products and allow my skin to regain some moisture though, I find my skin becomes profusely oily, which is not the look I’m going for. To change my routine, I turned to Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Before bed, I combine the cream with their Recovery Night Serum (a delight) and my trusty tan drops (I will rue the day that someone asks if I am ill in response to my pasty complexion, when I am in fact in excellent health).  So, there we have it; the perfectionist has adjusted to her combination skin and has developed a routine that works.

Poppy Couling

Libra: 23rd September- 22nd October 

As a Libra, I’m supposed to epitomize balance. I try to keep those trusty scales in mind as I weigh up my decisions. I must admit, this rarely works. As a Libra, I’m also impulsive, so I try to balance a night out at Soho by saying I’ll have a productive library sesh the day after. Note to self: this never works, and I have to stop telling myself it does.

But when it comes to beauty, I do try and keep some balance in my routine. I find this especially important when it comes to my hair. Years of extensions, styling tools and tight pony tails has caused a lot of wear and tear to my poor mane. So, I make sure to balance the damage with a hair mask once to twice a week. My go-to product of choice is the Coco and Eve ‘Like a Virgin’ hair mask. I was given this product as a freebie back in August to sample for a magazine, and I’ve been a convert ever since. Just using it for ten to twenty minutes a week has transformed my hair completely.

Susanne Norris

Scorpio: 23rd October- 21st November 

Scorpio is an astrology sign which screams out intensity and passion, as well as being associated with loyalty. With that in mind, can you name a product that could better represent the eighth sign of the zodiac than Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick? A Scorpio is the sort of person who likes to make a difference in the world and it’s fair to say that this matte drying finish, was a game changer in the lipstick revolution. Moreover, the liquid formula makes it a perfect match, as Scorpio is one of the three water signs. The aesthetics of this liquid lip product also perfectly reflect Scorpio’s affinity for dark colours such as deep red, brown, maroon or black. Take your pick from the 56 shades available. Some of Scorpio’s favourites are the timeless classic Lolita or the beautiful dark berry colour Exorcism.

Miranda Stoner

Sagittarius: 23rd November- 21st December 

Being a fire sign, it is no surprise that a Sagittarius is passionate, free-spirited and outgoing. Sagittarius’ are very curious individuals, who are driven by philosophical concepts and engaging and exciting thoughts. As well as being drawn to creative and interesting ideas, Sagittarius’ are avid travellers, with a great desire to wander the world.

A beauty brand that comes to mind when thinking about Sagittarius is Glossier. Glossier is built on notions such as creativity, independence, individualism and wonder. Glossier’s founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, created the brand based on people’s interests and input, her curiosity allowed her to construct a brand that was engaging, innovating and exciting.

A specific product in the Glossier collection that represents the Sagittarius, I think, is their Cloud Paint. From the packaging to the name, Cloud Paint is a creative and fun product. The packaging is a paint tube, which represents the creativity and artistic characteristics associated with Sagittarius. The name Cloud Paint reflects the idea that Sagittarius’ often have their heads in the cloud, with their philosophical thoughts and curious minds. The simple, easy-to-apply product means that it’s perfect for on the go, so Sagittarius can always look fabulous when travelling the world.

Nimra Rafique

Capricorn: 22nd December- 19th January 

When it comes to Capricorn, think bold, determined and powerful. Amongst Capricorn’s there are figures such as Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin, Jude Law and Elvis Presley, all people who have great achievements and made an impact. Although these are people who have made a big name for themselves with their bold thoughts and talents, they are grounded, in the way they think and the ideas they have. These focused and intelligent individuals represent Capricorn’s as someone who is willing to be bold and make a statement, but simultaneously be cool and collected.

For these reasons the beauty product that came to mind in association to Capricorn is a red lip. A red lip makes a powerful statement, yet still remains classic and timeless. A red lip indicates a sense of boldness and fierceness, but is still elegant. There is just something about a person in a red lip that makes them look like they have their shit together. One of my favourite red lipsticks being Sephora Collection’s Cream Lip Stain in ‘01 Always Red’.

Nimra Rafique

Aquarius: 20th January- 18th February

It's Aquarius season! Despite being represented by the “water-bearer” and having “aqua” in the name, Aquarius is actually an air sign, so us late January and early-mid February babies are full of contradictions. Though we can be stubborn and detached, we’re said to be the most humanitarian sign, with Aquarians such as Yoko Ono, Oprah and Toni Morrison having no trouble breaking convention for a good cause. If you're looking to embrace your rebellious side this month, nothing says "don’t fuck with me” like winged eyeliner. Black eyeliner is super popular, but if you’re looking for something more fun, there’s an entire rainbow of colours to explore. In particular, NYX’s blue liquid eyeliner in the shade “Rainstorm” will allow you to embrace both the sign’s signature colour and its non-conformist style. NYX’s eyeliners are also a popular choice for their easy application. For a student friendly price-tage, it ensures no smudges and is a great choice even for novices. Better yet, NYX is a cruelty-free brand! Yoko would be so proud.

Molly Greeves

Pisces: 19th February- 20th March  

Pisces is the sign of dreams and mysticism. Her contagious joy emanates from below the surface, exposing an inner beauty more impactful than her appearance. A Piscean loves sticking to her own beauty regime, which is often simple and accentuates her natural gorgeousness.

In terms of makeup, Pisces love all things sparkly and glowy. NARS Blush in Orgasm has the perfect peachy shimmer that brings out a natural flush in almost every skin tone. For the Pisces among us who are addicted to faking it, Marc Jacobs O!Mega Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer in Tantastic is the ultimate go to bronzer for flawless sun-kissed skin. It is universally flattering and creates a radiant-matte finish. Equally, A Pisces should always finish her look with a bold lip. MAC Metallic Lipstick in Devotional has a creamy gold-flecked formula that will give you the ‘90s nostalgic vibes.

Jenny Yao

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