Beauty brand of the week: Peaches and Cream

Beauty ed, Laura Buckle, tells us why Peaches and Cream is her go to beauty brand...

Laura Buckle
4th March 2019

If you’re a fan of a halo eye or a shimmering cut-crease, then you may have already came across this little Liverpool-based brand; Peaches and Cream. Just as sweet as the desert itself, Peaches and Cream first caught my attention with their Instagram coverage and relationships with British rising-star MUAs like @mmmmicheal and @zackaryvang and now overseas with the likes of @jeffreestar and @nikkietutorials.

But Peaches and Cream isn’t just your standard online site, their store in Liverpool is also part beauty salon where you can get your face painted in true Peaches and Cream style. First, the main reason this little Liverpool gem gets my beauty brand of the week is simply down to their range of amazing glitter pigments. Now, I can’t bear to complete a makeup look without one of their shimmers over a cut-crease or in an inner corner. Out of over 40 shades, a personal favourite of mine is “Fangulous”, a magenta/emerald green shift glitter; one of the most unique of their entire range. At first glance, this pigment just looks like any old warm-toned bronzed shimmer but under certain lights, the blue duo-chrome really catches the eye and adds something extra to a make-up look. A second favourite for me has to be “Rattlesnake”, a duo-chrome gold and green shift glitter, which is also more on the “brave” side but perfect for festivals and adding a crazy pop of colour to a simple smoky eye. However, if you’re after something a little more subtle, their shade “Gatsby”, a champagne ultra-fine sparkle, is one of their best sellers and a cult classic; perfect for any glam eye-look. What’s the best about these pigments is that there is no limit to both colour and usage. Many MUA’s use the pigments as highlighters and Peaches and Cream openly invite their customers to mix and invent new pigments to use at home.

Top-tip, I like to spritz some setting-spray onto the pigment to not only make the shimmer last all day but to also make the colour pop! Apply the wet pigment onto a tacky eye-lid, partner with some fluffy lashes, and your good to go! It’s as simple as that. Currently, their single pigments retail for £6.95 each and I just can’t get enough.

Second, their incredibly affordable prices can’t go a mention. Not only are Peaches and Cream known for their beautiful pigments, they are also recognised by MUAs and beauty-lovers alike for their money-saving bundles. A common favourite for me is their “3 Pigments for £15” and “10 lashes for £25” which are an absolute steal. These bundles also extend into their limited-edition ranges, for example their “Wild West” collection where you can grab 3 pigments for £18, and even their lipgloss and brush sets too; “4 brushes for £15” and “5 lipglosses for £20”. Compared to prices at Nars or MAC, they really do give the MUA exclusive prices without needing that MUA status!

So, if you’re not afraid to experiment with crazy colours and shimmers, whilst saving some of your hard-earned coin, then Peaches and Cream may just be the brand for you. Their insane quality and unique artistry belittles many premium brands on the market in terms of pigmentation and uniqueness and the small prices really are the icing on a very delicious cake. Next time you’re in Liverpool, be sure to visit their store on Dale Street to grab some of their cult products and until then, be sure to look out for their range on your favourite Instagram MUA. Big up Peaches and Cream!

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