A Look at Peaky Blinders (Series 6) So Far

Peaky Blinders – a show that’s gripping and shocking at every turn. What a Season Five Finale, but was Season Six worth the two year wait?

Cc Lee
15th March 2022
Image Credit: IMDb
With an ever corrupt undertone and new business adventures – entering a drug and alcohol war – what does this season have in store?

First things first, Helen McCrory (our beloved Polly Gray) was paid the most respectable tribute that has been done on screen. Not only was the actress' death handled with care and authenticity; but the beauty of the entire sequence made for an apt farewell to her character.

Not only does this show how integral Polly was to the show, but speaks so loudly to the nature and integrity of Helen McCrory as an actress. It was spectacular.

Four years later, after Polly’s death, it seems that the opening episode of Season Six ties up loose ends whilst adding a stream of new ones. It’s clear that Thomas Selby is returning to his old ways of manipulation and organised violence – but also keeping in line an element of his gypsy life. The two are already intertwining and it’s making for a gripping start.

As ever, the boys' ambitions are getting in the way of each other and causing a potential war within the family, gasps. But what does this mean for Tommy’s crown and will Michael actually be the new leader? Only time will tell.

Peaky Blinders has done well to establish strong female characters – but they always seem to be cleaning up the messes of their male counterparts or being used as sexual exploits. I mean, we’ve had five seasons of this already, what can we expect?

I sincerely hope that Ada Shelby, follows in the footsteps of Polly to become the strong female lead that is now not so present in the show.

Baby Karl from Season One is all grown up – how time flies! But what's in store for him this season? Who’s side will he take in the war, Uncle Tommy’s or Michael’s? It’s going to be a good Season if we see his character grow to be a Peaky Blinder, but how will they make his character arc unique? I’m also incredibly excited to see how Ruby’s character arc plays out – will she be the “new" Polly Gray?

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