A note to Chris Day before the upcoming Student Council

Em Richardson discusses Chris Day's upcoming appearance at the Student Council meeting.

Em Richardson
9th February 2020
When I heard that Chris Day would be attending the next student council meeting, the first thing that popped into my mind was last December’s stalking scandal, and the apology that is surely well over-due.

Sure, Day might have sent round an email apologising for having accidentally CC’ed a stalking victim’s father into an email expressing concern for the reputation of the Uni, but I think he ought to apologise in person. Doing so would show a level of humility and regret that his rather impersonal written apology failed to show. He should also be prepared to face some awkward questions about his handling of the stalking incident, and to discuss what has been done to ensure another such offence is never perpetrated by a Newcastle student. His apology email was full of interesting ideas about how the university will handle incidents of stalking in the future, and the student council meeting ought to be an excellent opportunity to see whether or not these strategies have been successfully implemented. If Day is to keep his position for the foreseeable future, he needs to show that he has learned from his catastrophic mistake.

You can watch Chris Day's student council appearance on Thursday at 5.15pm by going to NUTV's Youtube channel.

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