A thrilling thriller: Stay Close

The latest thriller to captivate the nation has come to Netflix

Katie Siddall
16th February 2022
Image Credit: IMDb
The latest Harlan Coben project Stay Close (2021) is the next series after the thrilling The Stranger. Within this eight-episode series The Vicar of Dibley star Richard Armitage returns to our screens to become one of the major protagonists… or antagonists.

Armitage’s character Ray Levine steals our hearts as he becomes more involved in the disappearances and murders of men on an annual Carnival Night than he may have wanted to. Now, the plot is not fixated entirely on Ray especially since it starts with a focus on Cush Jumbo’s (The Good Wife) character Megan – who we find out later is actually called Cassie.

Image Credit: IMDb

Cassie’s family becomes entangled in a 17-year string of murders due to one night – where Cassie’s daughter, Kayleigh, goes to a strip club – and a dodgy past. How every storyline is brought together in the finale is incredible. There are no loose strings (that I can find, though you may find one!) and everything links back to the strip club – Vipers.

Without giving any spoilers, this series is phenomenal! Over the Christmas break, whilst resting from the assessment season, I watched all eight episodes with my parents over three nights. We went through so many emotions alongside the characters. We were spotting hints that the series gave which may or may not have meant something in the finale. The number of times we thought we had named the murderer was just, well, it was a lot. The number of times we changed our minds on the murderer within a singular episode- quite a few! Every detail you need in a thriller show was present.

Image Credit: IMDb

This series had it all: a family crisis, a murderer, missing teens, drug addictions, a stalker, a secret past, a deranged couple named Barbie and Ken and most importantly, an amazing cast. From Cold Feet’s James Nesbit to the one and only Eddie Izzard, the cast was unstoppable and unforgettable. They all portrayed believable performances that kept the series’ tensions high.

There wasn’t a moment where my dad wasn’t tense and going “I don’t like this” as he thought someone was going to die by the hands of the infamous double act – Barbie and Ken.

Image Credit: IMDb

Though we binged this series and loved it to pieces, it did have its plot holes. Why did the characters forget about Tawny, the stripper? Her death isn’t properly acknowledged. Why would Barbie and Ken be so stupid? They were too clean and tidy at the beginning to be so stupid at the end.

Saying this, like I’ve already mentioned, we did binge it as it really did beat our expectations – everyone was raving about the series and their raves were accurate. I was so scared to watch the show and be highly disappointed. Yet, I was not! I was not disappointed by who the murderer was either; however, it could have been written slightly better. Maybe. If you haven’t already – go watch this show. You will not be disappointed.

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