After Hours

After Hours airs on Sky1, Monday 9:30pm

2nd November 2015

Everyone deals with heartbreak in their own way. Some might throw themselves into work; others might just go out with friends, but for 18-year-old Willow Hannigan, neither is an option.

Left behind in his jobless town as his friends all leave for university, Willow is left to overcome his heartache in an unusual way, finding comfort in the cosy world of local radio. Broadcast from a small canal boat, the After Hours station is run by friends Lauren and Ollie. Their music quickly idolised by Willow, who may just be their only listener.

The young cast is headed up by James Tarpey as the music-fanatic Willow, with BAFTA award winner Georgina Campbell playing his beautiful ex-girlfriend Jasmine, as well as film star Jaime Winstone as Lauren and Rob Kendrick starring as Ollie.

Family life is also far from quiet in the fictional town of Shankly, with the opening of a big new supermarket leaving Willow’s father Peter without his loved milkman rounds, while mother Anna treacherously eyes a job there.

Joining the Hannigan’s is Peter’s best friend Geoff, currently residing on the family sofa, whose enthusiasm and spirit may help the family through their troubles. Yet it’s a chance encounter between Willow and Lauren which sets the wheels in motion for a wave of inspiration to sweep over the sleepy Northern town.

With comedy actors Ardal O’Hanlon and John Tomson cast as Peter and Geoff respectively, After Hours promises to capture the hearts of its viewers in its own hilarious ways in this coming-of-age story of a young man’s quest to overcome his heartache.

After Hours airs on Sky1, Monday 9:30pm

Reece Hanson

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