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Travelling this summer and wondering how to keep yourself looking fresh and fabulous on a flight? Nimra Rafique shares her best advice for keeping make-up looking magical for flying.

Nimra Rafique
14th May 2018
Image Credit: @olieorganicoils (Instagram)

Summer is almost here and Uni is almost over, which for many of you means plenty of travelling. Whether you’re going to be lounging on a beach soaking up the sun, exploring a beautiful city, or even skiing in the snowy mountains, one thing you will probably have in common is that you’ll be taking a plane to your destination. Airport beauty is very important because flying, especially long haul, causes your skin to experience conditions it may not be used to in every-day circumstances.

Airplanes can cause your skin to become very dry so it is essential that you take care of it when travelling. There’s nothing worse than being on holiday and your skin acting up, so here are a few tips that may be useful to you.

Skincare is a must when travelling. Airplanes can cause your skin to become drier than usual, so it is essential that you keep your skin moisturised. Definitely try and take a few moisturising skincare products with you on your flight (remembering to keep them 100ml or less). The first product I would recommend is make-up wipes. If you decide to wear make-up to the airport you might want to take it off during the flight, especially if you have a long journey and plan on sleeping. After all, it’s never a good idea to sleep with makeup on, as you don’t want to start your holiday with breakouts. Make-up wipes are an easy and quick option to choose to take on your flight as opposed to micellar water, for example.

Image Credit: @mysamsonite (Instagram)

The next product I would recommend is a moisturiser. This is pretty self-explanatory, but the dry air in the plane means you need to take extra care in moisturising your skin so it doesn’t get dehydrated. The same applies for your lips, the dry air will also cause your lips to become drier and even crack, so pack a lip balm or Chap Stick to apply during your flight. The final product that I would recommend you take on your flight is a facemask. I would say a sheet mask would be the best option. Sheet masks are easy to pack in your carry-on luggage and simple to use, there’s no need for a brush to apply it with and you don’t need to wash the mask off with water like some face masks, it really is the perfect option for a flight.    

Sometimes when travelling you might not like to wear make-up, or just like to hide your face behind big sunglasses. But there are times where you may want to apply make-up when going abroad. If you do wear make-up to the airport one thing I would advise is to keep it simple. Instead of wearing a full coverage foundation, maybe opt for a tinted moisturiser, as this will also help with the dry conditions on the plane. Concealer is also a good idea. To prevent a dull look, apply some bronzer or blush, to give you a flush of colour and healthy glow. One of my favourite blushes at the minute is Hot Mama by TheBalm as it has a lovely sheen too it, so if don’t want to wear highlighter to the airport but still want a subtle glow, a bronzer or blush that has a glow incorporated is the perfect option. Use a tinted brow gel to create a natural, fluffy brow look and, to prevent you from looking too tired, apply mascara to open up your eyes. Finally, for lips simply use a lip balm, maybe a tinted one if you want to add some colour to your lips. So in just a few steps you can achieve a quick, simple and easy airport makeup look that will make you look effortlessly flawless for your journey.

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