Aiya Napa: Beaches, booze and boys

From the booze, boys and beautiful beaches Ruby Story Dartford explores the party destination that doesn't disappoint...

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Last Summer, I packed my bags and ventured on my first ever girls holiday to Aiya Napa.

From the beaches, boys and boozy nights out, this tourist hot spot did not disappoint. From the scorching sun to drunken mornings stumbling back from the strip after a long night of dancing, this is the perfect destination for those seeking to let their hair down. However, whilst the beaches were pure bliss with golden sand and clear seas, it was clear that the booming tourist industry had taken a toll on such a beautiful place, evident through the litter, dirt, and graffiti brought in by holidaymakers over the years.

It had also been said that many locals had moved further up the mountains in a bid to escape the noise and anti-social behaviour that unfortunately comes with many young adults on their summer travels. Although, being such a popular destination for those looking for a holiday they’ll never forget, it is inevitable that the influx of people to the area will have some negativity amongst the locals.

Image Credit: Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

As for food, after surviving off seven chicken nuggets and a packet of Lays most days, I’m definitely not the best to comment on the cuisine that Aiya Napa has to offer. However, if in search for a holiday built around nightlife, Aiya Napa can be sure to deliver, the strip has endless clubs ranging from house to disco to grime. We were spoilt for choice with the wide variety of bars and hot spots, from pole dancing to paint parties, there was something sure to please every member of our group – a particular favourite being the silent disco – Bedrock.

Whilst our hotel looked more like something out of Hotel Transylvania than the all-inclusive we’d booked through First Choice, we managed to fall in love with not just the people but the place. This is one holiday I won’t be forgetting anytime soon – even if I was too drunk to remember most of it!

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AUTHOR: Ruby Story Dartford
Journalist Student studying at Newcastle University.

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