Album review: 'HAGUE' EP - HAGUE

Tom Moorcroft takes a look at HAGUE's brand new self-titled EP, with tracks such as '2 AM' and 'Colour Me In'

Tom Moorcroft
16th April 2020
Source: Aaron Sylvester
You can’t go wrong with a bit of Indie, can you? It’s the modern genre which is taking the world by storm, and is the perfect vessel for future artists to experiment with different tones and sounds. HAGUE are a part of this Indie up-rising, with this West London based four piece releasing killer tracks which need to be heard. Their self-titled debut EP HAGUE was released last week on Spotify, featuring their debut single ‘2 AM’ alongside new releases such as ‘Colour Me In’’ and ‘Aftercare’. So let’s dive into some of these vibrant, punchy tunes….

The title track is an ode to the process of reliving a day, whilst lying in bed after a night out. It’s a tale which many a University student, myself included, will be accustomed to. As soon as the track begins, after the introductory lyrics, we’re hit with an upbeat melody leading to an emphatic chorus. Everytime I listen to it I can’t help but tap my foot, as the combination of solo guitar and vocals working in tandem is, quite literally, music to my ears. The track is very much in line with what we might expect from The Kooks, with a strong rhythm guitar throughout, mirrored with powerful lyrics. The light solo-guitar which is scattered throughout the song, while following a simple melody, fits in with the vibe of the song to a great extent, making it the perfect Indie package.

It’s a very strong introduction to the bands discography, with a sound which you could expect from many an A-list Indie band.

‘Colour Me In’ has a slower melody to their other tracks, while wielding a highly distorted guitar rhythm. In a similar fashion to ‘2 AM’, the vocal arrangement fits the tune perfectly, with slight Morrissey-esque tones fitting to the song's minor sound. The chorus fits into their MO, with a bouncy and vibrant tone which blends sweetly with the verses in the song. The song climaxes with a punchy chord arrangement, which fits in nicely with another track of theirs, ‘Summer Solstice’. The slightly erratic introduction displays their diversity from typical Indie sounds, while allowing them to blossom their alternative side. However, it’s chorus is rooted in a typical Indie vibe which any fan of the genre will welcome with open arms. ‘Aftercare’ follows in a similar pattern, with a slightly more grungy chorus as the band push their musical abilities to the max. With heavy strumming from the rhythm section, and tidy picking from the solo guitar, it's another great addition to their discography.

HAGUE posing for their Spotify profile picture
Source: Nadia Majeed

I actually managed to speak to Jolly, the guitarist for HAGUE, to share some thoughts on creativity, inspirations, and the future. You can check out the interview by clicking here!

You can also keep up to date with their future tour dates, alongside exclusive content, on their website, available by clicking here!

With their full EP available to listen to on Spotify, and their second EP ‘Paracetamol’ in the works to be released at the end of the summer, HAGUE are an exciting up-and-coming band which you should definitely keep an eye on. Whilst only young they’re already dominated the West London scene with their flair and charisma, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they break towards a national audience.

Feature image source - Aaron Sylvester

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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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