Album Review: 'Imploding The Mirage' by The Killers

Tom Moorcroft gives us a track by track review of The Killers latest album

Tom Moorcroft
27th August 2020
Like a fine wine The Killer’s latest album, 16 years after their burst onto the scene, seems to be exploding, or should I say imploding, with youthful creativity. The multi-genre epic takes it’s listeners on a journey, stranding from childhood loves to eternal flames. It truly has it all.

So sit back, turn Mr Brightside off and dive deep into what The Killers truly have to offer, as I give you my brief song-by-song analysis of their new album: Imploding The Mirage

My Own Soul’s Warning

The second single released prior to the full album, and my second favourite song. The main body of the song takes off from where the later song ‘Caution’ ends, which is a rather unique way to start the new album. He even quotes the song, when the main protagonist states “Let me introduce you to the featherweight queen”. It’s upbeat, fun and a brilliant way to kick off the album.


An ode to old school disco with a modern pop twist. A soft-rock acoustic guitar track guaranteed to provide nostalgia, with a nice electronic bass throughout. It’s been defined by many as ‘country-disco’, a lovely way to define this stellar track. The ending is an ethereal-sounding delight.

Dying Breed

A more upbeat tune driven by punchy drums and an eclectic and varied bass line. It’s narrative is one as old as time, told in a new and creative vessel. I’m quite fond of this track.


By far the stand out track of the album. It was their first pre-released single and for obvious reasons. If there’s one song I need you to listen to from this album, this would be the one. It’s everything you love about the killers and more.

Lightning Fields

Coming right after the upbeat ‘Caution’, this track is much slower and adopts a classical keyboard line. Driven yet again by a nice funky bass line, we see it crescendo to a beautifully powerful chorus, ridden with the message of memory and love. I get a lot of Fleetwood Mac vibes from this tune.

Fire In The Bone

With essence of ‘The Man’, this ubeat track is a more laidback anthem. Not taking itself too seriously, Brandow repeats “I felt ____” repeatedly, with a strong bass backbone and an overpowering acoustic riff.

Running Towards A Place

I must admit this isn’t my favourite track on the album. That’s not to say I didn’t like it - as one great comment on YouTube said: “It’s all Killer, no filler”. It’s a rather conventional 80s disco track.

My God

I actually might need to correct what I said earlier - I think this might be my favourite track on the album. I love this perfectly slow and emphatic track. Weyes Blood has amazing vocals during her solo bridge, stating: “The weight has been lifted // We finally let go // We let go of what holds // Our hearts in the cold // The weight has been lifted”. Very much Stevie Nicks-esque.

When The Dreams Run Dry

The penultimate track to this otherworldly album, Flowers provides yet another indie-love anthem for the ages. Another beautiful message from Flowers, I think this song perfectly highlights his lyrical brilliance, with unique sentence structure coupled with an interesting instrumental structure.

Imploding The Mirage

This delightfully playful track is the perfect cherry on this mirage-sized cake. Whilst listening to it I get mixed feelings. It’s the ideal closer for this colossal album, almost the perfect ‘show-tune’ ending we were expecting. But at the same time it signifies exactly that: the end of the album. Whilst the album has excited many Killers fans, old and new, it’ll also leave us waiting patiently for their next effort.

Let’s be honest, after reading all that you probably want to give it a listen! The playlist below should see you through each of these wonderful tracks...

Overall, a 4 out of 5

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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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