Album Review: MØ's 'When I Was Young'

Rory Ellis review's Mo's latest release- 'When I Was Young'.

Rory Ellis
13th November 2017

MØ’s EP; a six song treat in the in the form of Scandipop. Levelling with the same mature sound of No Mythologies to follow, MØ’s new EP leaves us with a similar taste of the playful but icy synth that characterised her debut album.

The opening song ‘Roots’ is exactly that, a distant sounding track that combines pop with elements of her Punk background. Despite more recent hits like ‘Lean On’ and ‘Final Song’ showing a more generic aspect of her work in pop, the sombre and hymn-like nature of this opening song reminds us that the boundaries of her music are varied and far reaching. ‘Roots’ and ‘Turn my Heart to Stone’ may not be the stars of this EP, but the darker undertones that come with the intermittent use of an organ and a weighty saxophone are essential.

The boundaries of her music are varied and far-reaching.

While the nostalgic sense of “When I Was Young’ matches the lyrical solemnity of ‘Roots’, the rhythm and her voice resound in the same bouncy way it did in her collaboration with Major Lazer. The catchy and excited thrust of her song reminds us why MØ holds a respected position in the world of pop music. Equally ‘Bb’ boasts the same fun and synthesised harmony that makes MØ’s music enjoyable.

The EP concludes with ‘Run Away’, a smooth, cool song in nature and though not particularly affecting, it is nevertheless a satisfying end. When I Was Young is not overtly ground-breaking, neither is it entirely memorable but it is, at the very least, an enjoyable listen that promises good things to come from future releases.

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