Album Review: ROAM's 'Great Heights and Nosedives'

Eloise Doherty reviews ROAM's 'Great Heights and Nosedives'...

Eloise Doherty
30th October 2017

Brighton pop-punk, five-piece ROAM released their second album, Great Heights and Nosedives, just a year after their debut effort. However, the year has allowed the band to mature and move to the forefront of the UK pop punk scene.

‘Alive’ serves as opening track, this seems sensible considering it features the album’s title within its lyrics. However, it’s easy to see why ‘Playing Fiction’ was chosen for the lead single as it showcases ROAM at their finest. It’s fast paced, with a catchy sing-a-long chorus, which are recurring features throughout the album.

The first four seconds of ‘Guilty Melody’ trick listeners into believing it’s a softer lyrical effort before a complete change of pace transforms the track. Although, it is a shame the album doesn’t feature a slower, more lyrically-focused, song. Only ‘Curtain Call’ provides a calmer offering, but even here the chorus ups the tempo.

Songs all seem centred on making it through life’s good and bad days to come out stronger.

The fast pace is aided by the fact that ROAM have two vocalists allowing for seamless transitions from one line to the next, without a pause for breath. Though any fans attempting to sing along quickly become puffed out!

‘Scatterbrained’ features perhaps the best lyric of the album in the form of, “don’t look left when everything is alright”, which also epitomises the uplifting, inspirational underlying tone of the record. Songs all seem centred on making it through life’s good and bad days to come out stronger.

All in all, Great Heights and Nosedives is an excellent pop punk album full of catchy choruses, punchy guitars and clever lyrics.


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