Album Review: YUNGBLUD- The Underrated Youth EP

Grace Lazzaro reviews YUNGBLUD'S new EP 'The Underrated Youth'

Grace Lazzaro
28th October 2019
Where does one even begin with an album like this? How do you condense the amount of meaning and emotion found it in this six song EP into a mere 300 words? It shall be a challenge, but I will try and do it justice. 

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting for this EP to affect me as much as it did; I wasn’t even going to listen to it until I signed up for this article. But I’m so glad I did because I still can’t get it out of my head. “hope for the underrated youth” genuinely brought me to tears the first and second and third time I listened to it. It’s so raw and honest, something I feel music these days is severely lacking. 

Singer Dominic Harrison- stage name YUNGBLUD- tapped into a dark part of himself for this EP. You can hear it in the chorus ‘original me,’ as he purges his feelings of self-loathing. He sings that "some days [he] wish[es] [he] was anyone else", which is a feeling I think many people- especially teenagers- can relate to. Though somewhat melancholy, the song- and really the entire EP- is about embracing the parts you hate about yourself.

In my opinion, he's the voice of our generation- he sings about things that others are too afraid to. And that’s what we need, I think. We need someone who’s not afraid to scream and yell and rage and shows us that it’s alright to do the same. It’s okay to be weird or different, and it’s okay to want to scream it to the world. And most of all, it’s okay to not be okay.

To quote YUNGBLUD, "You have to remember, your biggest superpower is to be completely, unconditionally, unapologetically yourself."


Rating: 5/5

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