Animal Crossing receives new Switch model

To commemorate the new Animal Crossing, Nintendo have released a new console design!

Jack Wallace-Hunter
16th February 2020
Cash-out the bells and pitch up those tents: the next installment of the Animal Crossing franchise is on the ‘horizon’!

Fans are rejoicing after a six-year gap as Animal Crossing New Horizons is set to be released on 20 March 2020. 

In this upcoming chapter, players are whisked from the busy city to the quiet shores of island living, accompanied by none other than business tanuki Tom Nook. So buckle up, grab a fruit of your choice and dive into what Nook Inc. has in store.

Pre-orders for the special edition console have sold out from most major retailers.

Jack Wallace-Hunter

As a way of commemorating the main release of the game, Nintendo is launching a special edition Nintendo Switch console. The dock and joy-cons have shed their dark matte finish in favour of a refreshing pastel blue, green and cream whilst displaying Mr Nook with associates Timmy and Tommy on a tropical island. Alongside this, the console itself exhibits a heart-warming pattern on the back with little icons of snowmen, lighthouses and a message in a bottle.

However, fans have been left devastated, as pre-orders for the special edition console have sold out from most major retailers. But for those lucky buyers, these pre-orders are set to ship on 13 March, a week before the game lands.

With the launch imminent, fans are scouring trailers and leaks trying to find new details on the game. One leak suggests that there will be in-game purchases and, although the leak cannot be verified until the launch, some fans believe that this could hint at further DLC, akin to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

With the introduction of paths, pole-vaults and crafting, however, fans can safely assume that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will keep the charm and tranquillity of its previous versions, all while bringing a breath of fresh island air to a beloved franchise.

Featured image credit: @gwizofthestars (Twitter)

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