Are students respectful of living in residential areas?

A student shares the reality of living in student housing.

Katie Alice Galvin-Keay
20th November 2023
Image Credits: Unsplash, Igor Sporynin

In my first year of university, I was told Jesmond was the place where all the students moved to after living in student accommodation, so as a person with no prior knowledge of the areas of Newcastle, I was quite surprised how residential it is.

So, do students and residents live peacefully or is there tension? I must say when walking around the streets, they appear relatively clean and clear of any litter and rubbish, so I would not think that is an issue. However, we all know students, and Newcastle specifically, are known for roaring nightlife.

I was told Jesmond was the place where all the students moved to...

Newcastle’s vast number of bars and clubs seem to play in favour of student residents, as it feels you can have a good night out any day of the week, minimising the need or desire to host big house parties. Obviously, there are exceptions to occasionally opt for a classic house party rather than a night out, e.g., recently all the Halloween parties. Everybody I knew was off to a house party the weekend of Halloween and I felt for the families who happened to live so close to where any of these were being hosted.

I felt for the families who happened to live so close...

Still, many of the hosts seemed conscious of people living nearby (whether it is other students or residents) and had informed and some even asked their neighbours about having a party in the first place. I feel students often have a bad reputation, but I think we (mostly) deserve more credit as we're not out to cause trouble or be disrespectful. Often times we're more aware of our surroundings and areas that do struggle with students and residents living in the same area.

Perhaps both would benefit from better communication between the two. But, on the whole, I think we live together relatively harmoniously.

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