Are we falling for Gemma Collins?

Sophie Hicks investigates the on-ice antics of a national hero.

Sophie Hicks
21st February 2019
Image Credit- YouTube

If you weren’t already aware, the meme queen herself Gemma Collins is a contestant on the new series of Dancing on Ice, and has received a lot of criticism because of drama and her generally conflicting personality. A video of her falling on the ice went viral, but was it faked as a publicity stunt? After all, she has had previous high-profile accidents such as falling through the stage at the BBC Teen Awards, so is it a stunt or is she just extremely clumsy?

One theory is that she bent forwards before she fell, implying that she was edging herself forward so that she could fall. However, others argue that leaning forward was an attempt to stop herself from falling down as she was losing balance, but fell anyway. Arg (her boyfriend and TOWIE co-star) did an interview on Loose Women and claims that she wouldn’t risk such a serious injury for a publicity stunt, especially when she already has publicity and is surrounded by controversy. Despite her fall she stayed in the show due to popular public vote, but has used her fall as a crutch for when she hasn’t performed well to evoke sympathy. Did she fall so people would feel bad for her and not vote her off the show? If she’s entertaining, is that better for ratings? I doubt they allowed Gemma Collins to be on the show because she’s a graceful athlete.

Honestly, I don’t think the fall was fake. If it was set up, they wouldn’t have staged it towards the end of the routine, and it would have been more of an event. More camera-time would have been on it, rather than Gemma Collins quickly getting up and continuing. I think Gemma handled it well, and if it was staged it would have been more dramatic. Honestly, Gemma Collins probably isn’t that strategic of an actress to decide to fall, or stage one and look realistic. Also, falling on ice can cause really serious injuries and I don’t think Gemma Collins would want to put herself through those risks, she could have broken bones or badly hurt her face which would have caused her to cancel other gigs so that she could recover. Honestly, the fall was over-emphasised in the media and I think people wouldn’t have cared as much if it wasn’t Gemma Collins, or if she didn’t have a history of falling.

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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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