Artist Spotlight: Tarek Musa

Finlay Holden discusses Tarek Musa's work and his past, present and future.

Finlay Holden
22nd October 2019
Image: @the_coconut_express instagram
Whether you know of his band Spring King, his solo project 'Dead Nature' or his many production credits, it is clear that Tarek Musa is a key player in the UK indie music scene at the moment. Here I hope to shine a light on his work as a token of appreciation for all he has done.

Originally his own solo project, Tarek formed the 4-piece pop-punk band Spring King back in 2014, in which he took charge of drums and lead vocals - an impressive combination to see live. 2 EPs, ‘Mumma’ and ‘Demons’ soon followed the same year; tracks off both of these lighter releases would be rerecorded in time for the heavier deluxe edition of the first LP ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, which established a unique punk-pop-rock sound for the band. This 2016 record was not preceded by any singles, but ‘Who Are You?’, ‘City’ and ‘Rectifier’ are standout tracks among the most popular.

Live shows had a chaotic, rowdy energy with mosh pits being created in even the smallest venues played on their tours. In early 2017 they landed a support slot on tour with the Kaiser Chiefs, and in early 2018 supported Kasabian at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax and the Royal Albert Hall - no small boast.

2018 was a big year for Spring King - after their own tour and Kasabian support, new singles from their upcoming second album started to be released before a big festival season. These new tunes showed off more refined and polished production, with the music sounding a bit less raw without losing any of its charm. The August 2018 release date hit and the 14-track LP ‘A Better Life’ was a big success, with another tour beginning immediately in September and to great avail - however, little did fans know this would be their last tour together.

On 21st November 2018 Spring King announced via their Facebook page that, after 5 years together, the band would be calling it a day.


Although it was the end of his first project, this would prove not to be the end of Tarek’s music career in any form - he immediately got to work producing music with other bands, mixing tracks such as ‘Belicoso’ by Calva Louise, ‘I DON’T WANT 2 B UR FRIEND’ by Devon, ‘Friends Who Lost Control’ by Neon Waltz, and ‘What’s My Problem’ by The Luka State. These 4 alone have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams.

In 2019 Tarek also announced that he would be producing his own music under the name Dead Nature. In June of the same year, he would already have a 4-track EP, ‘Taking My Shadow’, released. This music is more poppy in production than either of his previous LPs were but sonically it is still remarkably similar.

With a vast array of songwriting, performing and mixing under his belt, I can’t wait to see what Tarek Musa does next; be it more solo work, further production credits, another band perhaps? The music industry waits with bated breath.

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