Battle of the pancake toppings

Our writers tell you about their favourite pancake toppings

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15th February 2021
Image Credit: Pixabay

With pancake day fast approaching, we asked some of our writers to recommend their favourite toppings. Read on to hear about two of their favourites...


As a student from the US, I understand that our pancake opinions will probably differ. While UK pancakes are more along the lines of French crepes, US pancakes are smaller but thicker and fluffier. The one thing that unites both schools of pancake thought, however, is blueberries. A classic crepe filling, blueberries (especially those cooked and sugared to form a sauce!) work well wrapped inside a UK pancake, perhaps with some whipped cream or yogurt as an accompaniment. US pancakes benefit from blueberries as well, whether inside the batter, placed on top as a garnish or even poured on in syrup form with no actual berries. Although each pancake type has its benefits and disadvantages, blueberries are always a positive addition.

Elizabeth Meade

Image Credit: Flickr

Lemon and Sugar

Admittedly this isn’t the most original topping, but it’s a classic for a reason. This simple combo doesn’t overpower the deliciousness of the pancake itself, and the lemon cuts through that sugary sweetness perfectly. What’s great about this is that everyone has some sugar and an old bottle of lemon juice at the back of a cupboard, but if you want to feel classy you can mix it up with some brown sugar, fresh lemon juice, or even a hint of lime. Everyone knows that when it comes to pancake day the end goal is to consume as many crepes as humanly possible. The lightness of lemon and sugar leaves plenty of room for more, where some more extravagant toppings will have you defeated before you’re even seven pancakes deep in the festivities. You can keep your banana, nutella, ice cream and maple syrup monstrosities; a sprinkling of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice will never be topped.

Peter Bath

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