BB-8 and BB-9E roll into Star Wars Battlefront II with class

James Troughton discusses the arrival of two new playable characters to Star Wars Battlefront II: BB-8 and BB-9E.

James Troughton
3rd February 2020
Spin-to-win is a playstyle that not enough people cherish in gaming, from the arsenal of 360 swords in Dark Souls to the plethora of area-of-effect attacks in the many magic systems of the RPG genre. DICE embrace this with the two newest heroes to bless the battlefront, the unwavering heroic pioneer of the Resistance, BB-8, and the menacing and imposing warrior of the First Order, BB-9E.

The fans clambered for Poe Dameron and General Hux but DICE said nay and embarked on a passion project of epic proportions, bringing in two new characters that nobody knew they wanted. They're brilliant, unbelievably fun and strangely effective. The evil rolly-boy offers his support whilst our favourite gonk-droid-wannabe is an on-the-attack prowler who can take down a horde of foes with his lethal attacks.

The droids have rolled out with three maps that have been transformed to give Capital Supremecy a sequel era option

BB-8 and BB-9E have a lot in common when it comes to playstyles, but 9E is far more supportive whilst 8 is more offensive. Both share a spin-attack that can be used to take down groups of enemies defending the point and BB-8 even has a nifty charge ability that one-shots unsuspecting troopers. They're incredibly different from any other addition to the game and really play on the element of surprise, being able to sneak onto objectives only to unleash a truly hilarious area-of-effect attack that can do some serious damage.

Initially, fans were skeptical, as they wanted various other iconic heroes and did not think droids would work. Some were optimistic, but DICE saw fit to remind fans that they had given them what they wanted for some time now, and it was time for the developers to work on what they wanted and that passion well and truly shines through.

The droids have rolled out with three maps that have been transformed to give Capital Supremecy a sequel era option which means that, coming very soon, all three eras will be available in the sparkly flagship gamemode once and for all. For now, it means that our favourite duo, the most iconic characters in the Skywalker Saga, are available in every hero-enabled gamemode. Rightfully so, as they're unparalleled in terms of sheer enjoyment-value.

If you haven't played the game in quite some time, then it is absolutely worth delving back in and downloading the updates because it has come a long way and the onslaught of content hasn't stopped. In the future, hopefully, DICE continue to work on what they want and not what the community demands because these two droids really show that a passionate developer can result in a better product.

Forget Obi-Wan Kenobi - these well and truly are the droids that you are looking for.

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