Beauty brand of the week: Too Faced

Meg McManus tells us her favourite beauty brand...

Meg McManus
3rd December 2018

Looking for a cruelty-free makeup brand that’s on trend, looks gorgeous and is actually decent value for money? Look no further – Too Faced is your answer. Although already an established brand (being founded in 1998 by Jeremy Johnson and Jerrod Blandino) Too Faced is the gift that keeps on giving for the conscientious beauty lover, and I think they deserve every bit of good press they get.

Not only is the brand cruelty free, but they also have a huge range of vegan friendly products available, including their renowned Better Than Sex mascara, as well as their range of Melted liquid lipsticks. Too Faced are constantly innovating in order to introduce both ethical and exciting new products, with their Clover range being just another example. It was inspired by Jeremy and Jerrod’s pet Chihuahua, with Too Faced donating $150,000 to Best Friends Animal Society at the launch.

My favourite range, however, has to be the Sweet Peach line, with my favourite product being their original 18 pan eyeshadow palette. I received this as a present on my last birthday and I have been using it pretty much constantly ever since. Featuring warm peachy tones with pinks and browns, as well as darker purple shades, it’s the perfect all round palette for both day and night looks – I’ve worn it for everything from dates, to lectures to nights out and it has not failed me once. At £49 it’s not the cheapest, but is one hundred percent worth the investment – failing that, definitely get it on your Christmas list.

[pullquote]Another thing I love about Too Faced is how great they are at bringing out new high quality products regularly, and it’s safe to say they’ve more than delivered this festive season.[/pullquote] Another thing I love about Too Faced is how great they are at bringing out new high quality products regularly, and it’s safe to say they’ve more than delivered this festive season. Their Gingerbread Spice range was only released a few weeks ago, but has already become a massive hit. My go to product in the range so far is definitely the long-awaited eyeshadow palette. Again, featuring 18 shades, it’s the perfect palette for autumn/winter. With a range of both mattes and shimmers, as well as a strong selection of transition shades to complement the darker plummy tones it’s becoming a strong contender for palette of the season. Like the Sweet Peach palette, it is incredibly versatile, and at £39 a slightly more affordable but equally worthwhile investment.

If you’re looking to treat yourself on a bit more of a budget however, I would recommend trying out a liquid lipstick from the Melted range. There’s a brilliant variety of shades, ranging from dusky pinks to rich browns, one of my favourite things about this range is that there really is a colour for everyone. If you’re looking to test out a few different colours in the range I would suggest purchasing the ‘The Sweet Smell of Christmas’ set of matte liquid lipsticks. Included are four super wearable shades; two nude pink tones, a darker rose pink and a gorgeous deep red – perfect for the upcoming season of Christmas parties.

Although Too Faced may be slightly pricier than many brands, the high quality and diverse range of their products by far outweighs this negative – any purchase from Too Faced is a worthwhile investment, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for someone else, their products are a great addition to any makeup collection.




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