Beauty Icon of the Week: Audrey Hepburn - Queen of Fashion

Madeleine Raine writes about her beauty inspiration of the week, the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

Madeleine Raine
15th October 2019
Image- Pexels
Audrey Hepburn is such an icon both on screen and within the fashion industry. Her style not only reflected the fashion of the era, but also transgressed the common look by providing more originality that succeeded in wooing contemporary society. One such piece is her famous ‘little black dress’ that features in the highly celebrated Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What is so astonishing about this look is how it detracts away from popular fashion of the time and instead evokes a very sophisticated and chique look. The 1960s – the period in which this film was released – was a prime time for social change. The introduction of new technologies and ways of living allowed for a boom in the fashion industry. Replacing the 1950s style icon of the large ‘poodle’ dress, the 1960s saw an increase in eccentric styling and colours. Brighter shades of yellows, reds and oranges became highly popularised, with trousers even beginning to make an appearance for women. The fact that Audrey Hepburn is styled in a very classy, formal dress immediately separates her from this wild period and presents her as a sophisticated young lady. The slim outline of this little black dress certainly succeeds in complimenting her figure, with the long black gloves giving her overall look one of importance and integrity.

Image- Pixabay

The great attribute that Audrey Hepburn holds, however, is her ability to adapt and change to various styles and genuinely suit them. Her attire in Roman Holiday is a perfect example of this. Drifting far from her representation in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she transgresses the popular trend of the 1950s by adopting a men’s button-down shirt. Contrary to fellow women of this contemporary period whose poodle skirts dominated the streets, Audrey Hepburn resorts to a more subdued and almost plain look. Accompanied by this is a beautifully sleek pleated skirt that in no way shows any similarities to the highly popularised wide skirts that were dominating 1950s society. This similar, yet completely different look that this iconic woman adopts both places her in, yet also out of the common trends of the period. This attire, along with the necktie that has seemingly became symbolic of a working woman presents Audrey Hepburn as a woman just like you and me.

"The fact that she was often the face of Vogue presents her as an extremely popular woman of the time and one who is continually attributed to even today."

The ability of this woman to adapt her appearances to not only flaunt her physique, but to also separate herself from contemporary fashion trends makes her such an iconic figure that her styles and persona are still being recognised today. The fact that she was often the face of Vogue presents her as an extremely popular woman of the time and one who is continually attributed to even today. The fact that the company Galaxy dedicated their advert to Audrey Hepburn by re-imagining her on screen demonstrates how this lady will never be forgotten for the role she played in society. She may not have always kept up with the times and did, more often than not, present herself in styles uncommon to the era, but she is a figure who because of this has never, and will never, be lost to history.

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AUTHOR: Madeleine Raine
MA History student with a BA in English Literature and History. Lifestyle writer and avid traveller who has recently branched out to also cover news articles. Twitter @RaineMadeleine

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