Behind the Scenes: Summer Courier Fashion Shoot, pt.1

Part 1 of the behind the scenes from the Courier Fashion Shoot in the 90s theme, brought to you by the Fashion Editors.

21st May 2017

It's the 90's baby! Summer Shoot 2017


We wouldn't have been able to have such a great shoot without our models, so we wanted to put down their short bios and favourite thing from the 90's! We have also included our fashion inspirations straight from the fashion editors and the makeup inspirations for our shoot.

Yannick Thompson


Age: 21

Course:  Zoology

Prior Modelling Experience: None

Describe your Style: My favourite place to shop is eBay, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things. It’s maybe that that defines my style.

90's Memory: Probably the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air', and those naughty shirts I aspire to pull off as well as Will Smith does.

The Highlight of the Shoot: Successfully spinning a ball on my finger without breaking anything!

Rose Hinds


Age: 19

Course: Business and French

Prior Modelling Experience: A few catwalks and portfolio photography/modelling.

Describe your Style: Simple with an edge. I love Zara and Hollister!

90's Memory: That 90's show!

The Highlight of the Shoot: Being able to have natural photographs with everyone, with the great 90's music playing throughout the studio.

Charles Mason


Age: 22

Course: Maths and Finance

Prior Modelling Experience: I have done a couple of fashion shoots for the courier before and been on the catwalk at the RAG fashion show the past two years

Describe your Style: I think my style is quite often a little bit skater boy, So Cal kinda vibe but I also love dressing smart and wearing nice suits. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place to shop, just wherever has cool stuff, I buy a lot of stuff online from snowboard brands. I have actually stolen quite a few of my dad’s old clothes from the 90s.

90's Memory: Since I was a kid in the 90s my favourite thing from being there has to be channels like Cartoon Network and Boomerang, playing Tom and Jerry, Batman, Looney Toons, Scooby Doo, Power Rangers and all that crap TV that is just amazing as a kid. As an adult, though I think the music the 90s produced was pretty awesome, bands like Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, The Offspring; to name a few. Also, the birth of Britpop was just great.

The Highlight of the Shoot: I really enjoyed wearing the blue jeans, white shirt, denim jacket combo I got to wear. It made me feel like a modern day James Dean. The whole experience was great though, such a cool little studio.

Ellie Trent


Age: 21

Course: English Literature

Prior Modelling Experience: I modelled from the ages of 11 to 15 for an agency in London and then stopped due to GCSEs and A Levels! Since being at uni I’ve been modelling part time, taking part in various catwalks and magazine shoots whilst helping to direct model castings when I’m back home for a friend who has recently established a modelling agency in London. I have also modelled in the uni fashion show for the past two years which has been so much fun, and this year I organised the event which was a fantastic experience.

Describe your Style: I would say my style is very relaxed, although I do like getting dress up for a night out! I definitely prioritise the quality over a number of clothes, so, for example, I love putting on a comfy jumper and jeans and then pairing them with some top-notch sunglasses and designer handbag! So kind of a dressed up but dressed down appearance.

90's Memory: My favourite thing about the 90’s has to be all of the Disney films which were released!

The Highlight of the Shoot: A highlight from the day of the shoot was definitely seeing all the clothes we were going to be wearing: I wanted to take all of them home!

From The Fashion & Beauty Editors


From the Fashion eds:

"For our final shoot of the year, we decide to stick with one of the season's hottest trends- the 90's in all its nostalgic glory! For the first time, we decided to rent out a professional studio so we could show the clothes and the models off to their very best, and we think we succeeded. The day was pretty hectic but with the best of some 90's tunes blasting through the studio (check out our playlist below!) it was impossible not to have fun. We would like to say a massive thank you to Topshop Eldon Square for their continued support (and gorgeous clothes) as well as Retro Vintage for their help in ensuring the shoot had some authentic vintage vibes. We would finally like to thank all our fashion writers from the past year; the fashion section would be nothing without you and we are eternally grateful for all your wonderful words and hard work!"

Izzi, Liz & Zofia xxx

Beauty Looks and Inspiration by Ellen Walker, beauty ed:

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 20.08.30

"The 90’s was all about looking fresh-faced so I opted for a neutral brown eye using Kat Von D ‘shade and light’ palette. To achieve dewy, glowing skin I used loreal true match foundation, Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder and Mary-Lou-manizer by The Balm to channel youthful, radiant vibes (Think Rachel from friends). The look was finished with a classic 90’ vampy lip using NYX liquid lip crème in ‘Transylvania’"



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