Best 'Buddy Cop' movies

Music Editor Dom Lee takes a look back at some of the best 'buddy cop' movies of all time

Dominic Lee
17th February 2020
The buddy cop genre is arguably a genre of comedic film that has been somewhat overplayed in movie history. There seems to be a new one coming out each year to varying degrees of quality. However, for every Chips there’s also a Bad Boys. So here’s 5 of my favourites!

Bad Boys 2 (2003)

Bad Boys 2 followed up very nicely from the first movie, with the plot once again revolving around a drug operation. From minute one Marcus and Mike are thrown into a shootout with the KKK which provides instant laughs. The character of the captain also becomes much more entertaining in this movie, with himself and Marcus both using a calming technique involving repeating “whoosa”! Fans of the Bad Boys franchise will also not forgive me if I don’t mention arguably the funniest scene in the movie involving a certain character called Reggie. Just YouTube it, trust me it’s amazing! We can only hope that the 3rd movie in the franchise lives up to the hype.

22 Jump Street (2014)

The second sequel on this list, 22 Jump Street, also follows a similar plot to its first movie. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are tasked with foiling a drug ring in an American university, partaking in some even more questionable activities than they did the first time around. This time Hill’s character is on the outside looking in as Tatum becomes involved with the Football team. However, undoubtedly the most memorable scene comes right at the beginning with Tatum’s viral moment coming due to his dodgy Mexican accent when saying “my name is Jeff”!.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Its not just the US that can make a quality buddy cop movie, us Brits aren’t half bad either. Comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost patrol around a quaint English village uncovering an evil cult right at the centre of it. Its classic British humour featuring everything from hot pursuits to gunfights in a supermarket. This is definitely one not to be missed!

The Rush Hour trilogy (1998 - 2016)

I’m cheating a bit here by choosing an entire trilogy, but honestly I couldn’t pick just one of these movies, as they’re all so good! The duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is perfect and they never get boring throughout the three films. Rush Hour 1 introduces us to the characters and provides some easy laughs as Tucker makes the assumption that Chan doesn’t speak English. There’s tonnes of Kung Fu kicks thrown in too alongside a thrilling final sequence. Rush Hour 2 also follows the buddy cop precedent of a fantastic sequel. Set between Hong Kong and America we have an exciting opening foot chase through the streets of Hong Kong. Then the guys head to Vegas where chaos ensues as well as a hilarious scene where they go shopping at Versace. The final instalment of the trilogy Rush Hour 3 heads to Paris where Tucker and Chan face off against a familiar foe. This is probably the weakest of the three but still a great watch if you’re after some laughs! Highlights include a friendship formed with a French cabbie as well as a samurai sword fight on the Eiffel Tower!

So there you have it! The buddy cop genre certainly isn’t lacking in laughs and these classics should give you a good introduction if you haven’t delved into the genre before. However, if you’re a seasoned veteran they’ll no doubt make you laugh all over again.

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