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George Bell discusses the best TV shows to watch in the Halloween season.

George Bell
22nd October 2019
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Horror is a broad genre covering all forms of media from books to movies and plays. And TV is no exception. Here are just a few of my favourite horror shows that the horror junkies among you should definitely watch in the run-up to Halloween.

Netflix’s Scream follows the same premise as the cult classic for which it shares a name. The way Wes Anderson explored the horror genre with his meta storytelling is matched here with a look at how TV handles horror while investing more time into its characters so when they eventually get killed, it hurts so much more. While being fresh and new, it’s still being respectful to the source material with its humour that manages to change seamlessly to dread when the killer appears.

American Horror Story

You can’t talk about horror on TV without mentioning one of the biggest horror shows of recent


years, American Horror Story. The anthology series has been airing since 2011, spanning 9 seasons. It has led to some of the most iconic characters of all time and introduced us to some of the best actors and actresses in the industry today. And due to each season covering different elements of horror, it allows each season to be as fresh and engaging as the last, so there is sure to be a season you will enjoy.

Haunting of Hill House

Another horror show on the streaming service Netflix is the successful The Haunting of Hill House. With another season set to release under the title of The Haunting of Bly Manor it looks like it is gearing up to be the next American Horror Story, but with one key difference. The series is based on real-life events which just makes the entire premise all the more terrifying. So, if you are thinking about watching this, don’t do it alone.

The Walking Dead

While some recent seasons have gone more of the action and drama route, it can’t be forgotten that the first few seasons of the popular zombie show and the tense, slow (perhaps too slow in season 2) burn horror that made you dread what could happen next, especially with how the writers are not afraid to kill off numerous main characters. Recently, season 9 looked like hopefully a return to form with the introduction of the Whisperers that bring back that fear of the unknown.

Dead Set

Before the release of the wildly popular Walking Dead as the go-to zombie show, there was a limited series known as Dead Set. The basic premise is simple yet effective: Big Brother meets zombies. Despite its weird idea, the series is actually quite dark and makes use of gory practical effects that’ll make you cringe, only let up by dark humour throughout. Another great thing about it is that with it only being 5 episodes long, it can be an easy watch.

"The show becomes jumbled with hallucinations and makes you question what’s real or not"


This origin series about the iconic Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter played by Mads Mikkelsen in one of his most notable roles. Focusing more on psychological horror, the show explores mental illness through the other protagonist Will Graham as his relationship with Hannibal and role as a criminal profiler leads him down a dark path into his own mind. As Graham deteriorates further, the show becomes jumbled with hallucinations and makes you question what’s real or not. Unlike most horror shows where the antagonist is a monster, demon or psychopath in a mask, the various bad guys of Hannibal, for the most part, look normal. It makes the acts they perform even worse and makes you fear the next person you walk past on the street.

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