Binge-worthy travel telly: the best travel shows to watch this Spring

Travel Editor Amy Harris shares her favourite travel TV programs

Amy Harris
4th March 2020
There are quite a few well-known travel shows that have blessed our screens over the years, from an Idiot Abroad to Cruising with Jane McDonald. And now thanks to Netflix we have more travel shows to binge-watch and inspire our travel bucket lists. So, here are my personal favourite travel shows.
Jack Whitehall Travels with His Father

If you are wanting comedy then Jack Whitehall Travels with His Father is the show to pick. With a perfect mix of culture and laughter, this show will have you in hysterics. With three seasons now on Netflix, they are an easy watch with around 1-6 episodes each season. In the first season, Jack and his father explore Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and experience full moon parties, traditional temples, elephant polo match to puppet shows, delving into elements of Asian culture and then travel to America in the third season to experience the vibrant and fun-filled metropolis that is Vegas.

The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure

If you are a foodie and travel enthusiast then you’ll love The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure. David Myers and Si King go from Hong Kong to Thailand, then to Japan and finish off the series in South Korea. Experiencing traditional Asian cooking techniques and demonstrating how to cook popular and traditional foods such as Korean fried chicken, Bangkok street food, traditional Thai school dinners and experience a manga cafe in Japan. The six-part series can be found on BBC Food when they are made available.

Dark Tourist

There are numerous tourist shows that explore the culture around the world from Asian rituals to African traditions, but if you are one who is interested in the darker side and history of a country than the Netflix show, the Dark Tourist is one you’ll really enjoy. Unlike most travel shows, where they follow historical locations and explore museums and temples the locations that are explored in this show are associated with death and tragedy. David Farrier, a journalist, experiences hikes through a haunted forest, radiation in Japan to visits a nuclear lake. This docu-series isn't one to watch for some light-hearted entertainment.

Joanna Lumley's Trans-Siberian Adventure

Joanna Lumley has done a few travel documentaries now, with her Silk Road Adventure series becoming very popular, a four-part series where she travelled from Venice to the border of China exploring cities and taking the historic Silk Road route. Discussing both the history of the route and meeting merchants, sampling different foods and staying in small remote villages. Lumley also has a Trans-Siberian Adventure series, where she goes from Hong Kong to Moscow in a 6,400 -mile journey. Joanna travels by railway, crossing seven time zones and experiencing the infamous bullet train. Meeting people from three different continents, embracing the traditions, politics, history and the communities they are a part of. Which is available to catch on Amazon Prime.

Yorkshire Airport

If you enjoy behind-the-scenes type docu-series and are interested in the background workings you don't see at the airport waiting for your flight, then shows like the Yorkshire Airport will address your intrigue. A six-part series, the programme shows the daily routines and travel stories as told by employees at Leeds Bradford Aiport. Filmed over the summer of 2018 the show tells the experiences of baggage workers Brooks and Jimmu, security supervisor Connor, Nathan the duty manager, Chloe the passenger services agent and airside operations manager Jamie. Highlighting their experience in this regional airport. Available to watch on ITV Hub.

Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport

Interested in how the busiest airport in Britain functions on a daily basis and how they deal with the mass volume of people flying in and out of the country? Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport is an ITV documentary series following 75,000 workers around the terminal dealing with wild animals, missing passengers, drones, flight delays and luggage sparking concerns. Currently on their fifth season the camera captures the real Heathrow, showing the roles of the airport's emergency services, Border Force officials, flight crew and checking staff. You'll see how airline staff deal with unsettled passengers at check-in and how the animal handlers deal with wild and exotic animals coming in from Arrivals. Originally aired on ITV, you can now catch the show on ITV Hub.

Feature Image Credits: StockSnap from Pixabay

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