Blind Date

Hayley Allen and Ed Howe give us the details on their Blind Date

9th November 2015

Hayley on Ed:

Where did you go?

We went to Spy bar in Jesmond.

What were your thoughts when he first approached?

Well, I was 40 minutes late so I just felt really bad, I had to apologise!

Why were you 40 minutes late?!

I had a meeting for RAG Committee which went over, and then I was just getting ready.

Did he know you were going to be that late?!

I told him I was going to be half an hour late, but then he had got there a bit early, and I got there a bit later than I said, so yeah, I felt really bad.

What did you talk about?

Well, he falls over a lot, so we talked about that quite a lot. We also talked about Sinners. And, we’re the same blood group!

That’s really nice that you’ve got things in common!

Yeah, it is really nice.

So conversation must’ve been flowing then?

Yeah, there weren’t any awkward silences.

Did anything weird happen?

Well, earlier in the library I thought I’d seen him. This guy was sending his friends to come and look at me, so I definitely thought it was Ed. So I brought him up on it and said “why did you do that, it was really weird?!” ...Turns out it wasn’t actually him, so it was just really awkward... I was really accusing as well. Luckily I think I managed to laugh it off though so it was okay.

Was there any sexual chemistry?

No, there wasn’t, sorry.

Would you take him home to your parents?

Yes, he was really nice and gentlemanly, and he walked me home!

So, I’m sensing no second date?

I’d definitely see him again, but I wouldn’t call it a second date, I just don’t really fancy him.

"I’m trying to think of an animal that falls over a lot, because he falls over a lot. Daddy long legs, they’re all over the place aren’t they!"

Have you had many dates before, and if so, how does this measure up?

Well, this is kind of my first proper date. I’ve seen people before, but I’ve already known them or been going out with them, so it’s not really been a date!

If he was an animal, what animal would he be?

I don’t know, I’m trying to think of an animal that falls over a lot, because he falls over a lot. Daddy long legs, they’re all over the place aren’t they!

What would you rate your date?

I’d go 7.5.

Ed on Hayley:

Where did you go on your date?

We went to Bar Blanc… oh wait Spy bar. We were just walking down the street and we just decided that would be good. Nearly got killed by a car on the way though, bloody Jesmond.

What were your first impressions?

Pretty and really smiley. And then she spoke and I noticed the Wakefield accent.

"Nearly got killed by a car on the way though, bloody Jesmond."

What was the first thing you said to her to break the ice/ awkwardness?

I can’t remember… Pretty sure it was just like ‘hey.’ Probably said something about how misty it was. Or it might have been like what course do you do or something generic like that.

What did you get to drink?

I got a Desperados and she got a Gin and Tonic.

Was there any sexual chemistry between the two of you?

Umm… I don’t know, definitely too early to be confirmed.

Does this mean that you would see her again?

If she’s up for it, then that would be great!

Would you introduce her to your parents?

Yeah definitely, my mum would like her because they could bond over being ginger.

How did your date end?

We got kicked out of Spy bar because it was half 11 and then I walked her home like a gent.

Did you kiss her at the door?

I thought if there was a moment then I would… but there wasn’t so it was just a friendly hug.

If she was an animal, what would she be?

(after much deliberation and google searching) Parrot because she was exotic and chatty.

How would you rate your date?

8/10 it was a strong date.

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