Blind Date: Dom and Sarah

The latest instalment of Blind Date, this week between Dom and Sarah.

Phoebe Eyles
26th October 2020

This week's Zoom blind date was between 21 year old english language student Dom, and 19 year old medicine student Sarah.

(Dom's image)

Hey Dom, why did you sign up for blind date?

Because I'm sad, lonely and single and I thought going on a date would help...stop that.

What is your usual type?

Ooh, that's a really tricky one! I don't think I have one type, I think there's a couple. First is someone who shares a lot of interests and whose life I can become invested in, but then I have this other second type which is just girls that scare me...not sure why.

What were your first impressions of Sarah?

Well, I thought she was very pretty. She seemed a little nervous at first but that's probably because Zoom isn't the *ideal* platform for a first date. But I found her really interesting and she had a lot to talk about so I'd say really strong.

Did you fancy her?

Yeah I thought she was very pretty. I liked her hair and she had a nice smile.

If Sarah was a drink, would drink would she be and why?

Sex on the Beach eyyy! Nah, I think she'd be something like a Pina Colada because they are colourful, fun and they put a smile on your face. That's really fucking soppy that *laughs*

Would you want to meet in person when restrictions allow it?

Yeah, we discussed it at the end of the date actually. I'd definitely be up for it.

Could you sum up the date in three words?

Awkward but fun.

(Sarah's image)

Hi Sarah, why did you sign up for blind date?

So me and my flatmates thought it would be fun to sign up as we mainly met people through nights out last year, but that's obviously changed and we thought it would be fun to try something new.

What's your usual type?

I usually go for height, being fairly tall is a bit more important to me, and someone sporty. Also someone with a good sense of humour and are generally easy to be around.

What were your first impressions of Dom?

He seemed really open and friendly. He was also wearing a shirt which put my jumper to shame!

Did you enjoy going on a Zoom date?

It was quite different to being able to meet in person - probably more pauses where there was a lag in connections. Plus it was weird going back to doing a more social zoom rather than for uni, gave me flashbacks to lockdown in April!

Did you have anything in common?

We both follow football teams so we could break the ice with that, plus we're both interested in travelling.

Did you fancy him?

I'm usually attracted to height which is hard to tell over zoom! But he did have a really lovely smile.

If Dom was a drink, what drink would he be and why?

Hm, probably a beer? As he was relaxed and easy going.

Would you want to meet up in person, when restrictions allow it?

Potentially! We're quire different in terms of interests and things but he seemed really nice and the conversation flowed pretty well!

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