Blind Date: Greg & Eve

Lifestyle Editor Jess Herbert interviews Greg and Eve after taking part in the (in)famous Courier blind date...

Jess Herbert
4th November 2019
Image: Emma Monaghan
Second year Marine Engineering student Greg Williams met Third year Philosophy student Eve Hodkinson for a blind date set up by the Courier.

Greg on Eve

Hey Greg, how long have you been single?

I’ve been single for about two years now, basically all of my time at uni.

 What kind of girl were you hoping for on your date? 

To be honest I was just hoping for someone who can hold a conversation and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, no one likes being bored on a first date.

What did you get up to on your date? 

We got offered free drinks at Tyne Bar but turned them down because Jesmond was easier to get to.

What were your first impressions of Eve? 

I recognised her straight away as a mate of a mate so that was a good start and made the rest of the night more comfortable when you know the person’s sound and not a weirdo although turning down free drinks on the quayside to go to Osborne road instead was a bit of a red flag.

She seems like an Asda, overall good quality but not too upmarket

You met outside Waitrose, but if Eve was a supermarket which one would she be and why?

She seems like an Asda, overall good quality but not too upmarket - as in, she’s not fake or trying to be something she’s not.

What did you talk about? Any topics you avoided? 

We just chatted shit for most of it to be honest, I find it nice learning about someone else’s life. We avoided politics and any possible controversial phrases - I learnt that from my housemate’s disaster viral date.

Do you think the Courier did a good job matching you up? 

Yeah we were fairly similar, we were both just happy to not get a rah.

Describe Eve in three words. 

Fancies my housemate.

Would you recommend taking part in Blind date to others?

Yeah of course, blind dates are usually a good experience and you’ll get some decent practice which never hurts.

Eve on Greg

What made you sign up for blind date?

I honestly can’t remember signing up for it. I think I did it when I was at the pub. I’m glad I went though! I’ve never had a blind date before. 

Who is your celebrity crush and why? 

Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s just absolutely gorgeous and a class actor.

How did Greg compare to Jake Gyllenhaal? What were your first impressions? 

Hmm he didn’t really compare! They are quite different in a lot of respects. But my first impressions were Greg seemed really friendly and up for a laugh which is important on a first date as I didn’t want it to be me just talking at him for hours.

Where did you go for your date?

We went to Osbornes for £2 tuesdays of course. 

If Greg was a bar on Osborne road what would he be and why? 

He’d probs be Osbornes or maybe Billabong before it burnt down. Quite loud but in a good way !

We went to a party after the drinks and he was pretty funny whilst we were there

Did you have a lot in common, if so what? 

We didn’t have a lot in common but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! We got along really well and had different interests so we had a lot to chat about 

What’s your favourite memory from the date? 

We went to a party after the drinks and he was pretty funny whilst we were there.

What could’ve made your date even better? 

Maybe doing an activity or something after drinks would’ve been good so we aren’t just sat around 

Describe Greg in three words. 

Friendly, funny and talkative.

If Greg was a Greggs pastry what would he be?

Probably a steak bake .

Do you think you’ll go on a second date? If so, where?

 No probably not.

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